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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom take their daughter Daisy to the park

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Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted spending time in a park with their lovely daughter Daisy, who was playing with the children of some of the other parents who visited the area.

Katy Perryand 37 and Orlando Bloom, 44, looked like frightened parents during a recent outing! The singer and actor were photographed strolling in a park with their beautiful 1-year-old daughter margherita She kept drinks in travel mugs while packed in casual clothes. At one point the adorable little girl, in a light pink coat over a white blouse and pants, seemed to have spent the time of her life happily playing with some of the other kids chilling out in the area, parents watching proudly.

Katy Perry holds her daughter Daisy in her arms during a recent visit to a theme park. (El Ghost / BACKGROUND)

Wearing a gray Adidas hoodie and matching sweatpants under an olive green coat, Katie held her baby girl in her arms for a while and looked relieved while staying warm. The “Last Friday Night” singer also donned a baseball cap, shoes and a fancy face mask. Orlando also wore a hoodie under a denim jacket and gray pants and added a red cap and a yellow and white plaid mask.

Prior to their latest outing, Orlando and Katie were spotted dancing To the Angels With Daisy after taking a trip to Mexico in October, the family of three celebrated Katie’s 37th birthday on the trip and had a great time. on the beach. The birthday girl sported a patterned one-piece swimsuit while relaxing in the sun, and Orlando took a dip in the ocean before spending some time in the pool with his girlfriend and friends.

In addition to having fun while traveling, Orlando posted a loving Instagram message to Katy in her honor special day. It was accompanied by a comforting photo of them sitting together while Katie watched a birthday party, which can be seen above. “We live a life that we love and that is fun. I will celebrate you today and every day. I love you. ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ”, he wrote in the letter.

As soon as the post went live, Katie gave followers a tip about the great time they had with the hilarious response, “Dad is still drunk. “

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