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José Pékerman, new technical director of the Venezuelan National Team – International Football – Sports

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The Venezuelan Football Federation announced the hiring of the Argentine Jose Pékerman as the new national coach of that country.

PékermanThe 73-year-old has not managed since he left the Colombia National Team, once he finished his participation in the 2018 World Cup in Russia, in which he was left out in the round of 16 after losing against England in kicks from the penalty spot.

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The Venezuelan National Team found by Pékerman

The Argentine arrives at a team that today is last in the table, with just seven points, and with the intention of doing a long-term job, thinking about the 2026 World Cup, which will be played in the United States, Mexico and Canada, and in which it would also have interference in the minor selections of Venezuela.

“One of the things that has always committed me is to change national football, not only on the field, but also in the institution, because the institution cannot be separated from the field,” said the president of the Venezuelan Football Federation, Jorge Gimenez.

“A technical director who has experience, who comes with a comprehensive project. It was not just to bring a person but to believe in a transformation process. We had the work and the courage to bring this man that I have by my side. I am very happy We are taking one of the most important steps in the history of the Venezuelan Federation, “he added.

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Giménez announced the hiring of Pascual Lezcano as general manager of the Venezuelan teams.

“Thank you very much for the welcome. One always has the intention, the sensitivity to interpret to know that I am in the right place. Surely they have had difficult moments”, were Pékerman’s first words.

“Football presents these opportunities, where perhaps we find ourselves in a common idea, such as that leaving a mark is very important, the results are given by the work that was done a long time before,” said Pékerman, who, like Giménez, thanked Leonardo González for his work as interim DT.

Pékerman’s main phrases in his presentation

The objective, after being out of Qatar. “Unfortunately you are not going to participate in the World Cup and you can think in advance what you are going to work on for what is coming. I have been very consistent with the ideas. Beyond titles, results where I was, you have to preserve an identity, feel the pride of representing your country. You cannot lose a game, there has to be a goal to improve yourself, the shirts do not have owners, from the first moment a climate of competitiveness is generated “.

The shirts do not have owners, from the first moment a climate of competitiveness is generated “.

Monitoring. “I have an excellent work team, one always thinks of overcoming. You have to think of a comprehensive project. There are no saviors here, there are footballers who are improving, the youngest are joining, they have their individual path in their clubs, careers change in one way or another. A player can go from one country to another. The National Team competes with the impossibility of having all the dates available so that everyone can join. The follow-up has to be one-man, a complete dedication. “

The illusion of going to a World Cup. “Let’s hope we coincide in that illusion. We are preparing the way to achieve the best. We have had a behavior over time, the chosen path is a good one: work, perseverance, discipline, finding the organization that allows us to manage well. resources, in the short term, in the medium term and in the long term. Time is the only thing that cannot be lost and we are not going to waste it. You have to be patient, this organization is going to do positive things and you have to go orderly. The best a team can have is to uphold the principles of improvement. We cannot from one moment to another say that with this we are going to be champions or we are going to win, or the opposite, that with adversity we are no longer going to nowhere”.

Patricio Camps, a former Santa Fe technician, will be with Pékerman in Venezuela.


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The coaching staff. “The project that we have been preparing is very broad, because we are going to integrate from the adult team to the youth team. We are going to present the new calendar, where we are going to inform the entire coaching staff. For now, the senior coaching staff, which is priority because we have competence, it is made up of Patricio Camps, that he was in the coaching staff of Colombia for seven years, world champion with Vélez Sársfield; Leandro Cufré, international with Argentina in the 2006 World Cup; Fernando Batista, until recently champion with Argentina of the Sub-20 and the Pre-Olympic. We still cannot name the physical trainer, he is dissociating himself from where he is today. In January we will announce the entire work schedule for the Venezuelan cycle in the men’s team. ”

The follow-up to Venezuela. “I have closely followed the development of youth soccer in South America. One of the keys to soccer is to stay alive, to keep up to date. This is progressing rapidly, one must already be thinking about what is coming. Everything that soccer left allows to change quickly. You have to update yourself. That is why the presence of Fernando Batista, it is not Pékerman, who is going to tell you about Lino Alonso, Richard Páez. You have to applaud them, they worked hard, it was extraordinary. Today there is much more resource, but you have to know how to handle it , You have to be up to date. Not to mention Rafael Dudamel, whom I especially want to greet, has made a very interesting process. Maybe sometimes we forget certain things. Venezuela’s path is fantastic, the need for these young people not to walk adrift, that they have examples of the greatest. Also what happens in the rest of South America. If in Venezuela they are worried, imagine other countries. We have to rethink, that is my vision. I cannot tell you and that we are going to be champions or that we are going to go to the World Cup. I hope, yes, to go to the World Cup in 2026 “.



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