Jiu Jitsu, a discipline that grows in Paraná: How and where to practice the discipline

Ju-jutsu is a classical Japanese martial art or kory? bud? encompassing a wide variety of modern combat systems based on the “unarmed” defense of one or more armed and unarmed aggressors. That is the definition of the discipline that is practiced in Paraná and where Eduardo Vieyra gave details in the program Good evening:

“Jiu-jitsu is a martial art of Japanese origin that was developed by the same one that created judo since in its beginnings Jui was judo but later for regulatory reasons and due to its development more emphasis is placed on fighting on the floor than standing up, the goal is to bring the opponent to the ground and once on the ground to control him through different shots and achieve a finish that would be a lever to the elbow and shoulder, “he explained.

“In competition, all of that adds up to a score and if you can make the other surrender it would be like a knockout, the other surrendered and you won the fight.”

Eduardo became champion in the Argentina Open and showed his satisfaction: “More than 1500 competitors participated, 150 black belts which is a record for Argentina, which shows the growth of Jiu-jitsu since there is more and more level and it is harder and I was an Argentine champion 11 times, “he remarked.

How to coach and where to train: “I am at the Patronato club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8:00 p.m. and you can come and we wait for you with open arms to teach you this martial art that we give classes from children, 4 years old to people of 60 and they are all invited to share discipline. (



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