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Jimmy Butler’s mother’s obnoxious words to him

by archysport

Today jovial and radiant on the NBA floors, Jimmy Butler nevertheless lived a terrible childhood, in which his mother played a horrible role. Some hateful words addressed by the latter are still in the memory of the star of the Heat.

An exceptional springboard to reach fame, the NBA very often makes children brought up in precarious conditions fantasize. The latter then dream of getting their family out of poverty by shining on the floors, and by receiving one of the big contracts that the league can offer. This goal, Jimmy Butler Brilliantly achieved it, since he will be able, for example, to touch more than 52 million dollars during the 2025-26 season, that is to say at 36 years old.

Rejected by his mother at 13, Jimmy Butler survived

This financial success, Buckets had to obtain it alone, in the literal sense of the term. A relatively anonymous prospect on the high school circuit in Texas, his native state, he also had to overcome a most regrettable family situation. As his Draft approached, in June 2011, he revealed to Chad Ford aboutESPN the last despicable relationship he had with his mother, his only parental figure.

“I don’t like what you look like. You must leave. These are the last words pronounced by his mother which Jimmy Butler says he remembers, before she throws him out on the street, according to his memories. He was then 13 years old. He had no family to turn to. No place to stay. No money in his pockets. At this age, most children care about school, sports, girls. Butler was just trying to survive. Alone.

Put out in full adolescence, Jimmy B spent the nights on sofas, with friends, before taking up residence with one of them, Jordan Leslie. The latter’s mother, Michelle Lambert, subsequently did everything to help her adopted son in his plans. It thus remains considered as the one who saved the career of the current leader of the Heat, oh how indebted to her.

From this period of instability, Butler was able to cleverly recover, to ultimately be chosen in 30th position of the 2011 Draft, and become a multiple NBA All-Star thereafter. Now reconciled with his mother, and himself the father of a family, he says he does not harbor the slightest regret about his youth, and his winding journey. A speech he already made 10 years ago, without the certainty of one day evolving in the most prestigious league in the world.

Please I know you are going to write something. I’m just asking you not to write it in a way that makes people feel sorry for me. I hate that. There is nothing that deserves pity. I like what happened to me. It made me become the man that I am. I am grateful for the challenges I had to face. Please don’t make them feel sorry for me.

Jimmy Butler deserves respect for his performances on the NBA floors, but undoubtedly even more for the obstacles he was able to overcome before getting there. Hats off, sir.

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