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Javier Baez, Detroit Tigers cancels $ 140 million contract

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The Detroit Tigers and quarterback Javier Baez are closing a $ 140 million deal in nearly six to seven years, John Morosi of the MLB e Mark Vinsand da MLB.com Reports e Jim Bowden, Insider, CBS Sports HQ conferma.

Although some members of the group have played in other venues recently, Báez has gone off-season as part of a vaunted five-star free agent group with Carlos Correa, Cory Seger, Trevor Storey and Marcos Simin. If every reported deal is successful, only Correa and Story will remain unsigned as the CBA deadline quickly approaches.

Baez, 28, was the Cubs’ last pick in the first round (2011, ninth place) before Theo Epstein took over from the North Side and spent part of eight seasons with the Cubs before being traded to the Mets on the day of the deadline last year. Maybe there isn’t an all or nothing player in the majors anymore. When playing, he will play as the best player in the batting area, on the rules and on defense. He is one of the most exciting and fun players to watch. When he struggles, he can look really bad.

In general, the results will be distinctly positive. Báez released 6.4 WAR in 2018, 6.6 in 2019, and 4.6 in 2021 (it was pretty awful in 2020, but it can be overlooked for a myriad of reasons).

Last season, Báez scored .265 / .319 / .494 (117 OPS +) with 18 doubles, triples, 31 Homers, 87 RBI, 80 points and 18 steals. Aligns with his shot, he has an arm too extended on a short stop, but he will get into funk where he throws the ball away. He is also incredibly adept at making hard marks.

For the Tigers, this is a major upgrade in a stellar position compared to what Nico Goodram, Harold Castro, Willy Castro and Zach Short had last season. According to baseball-reference.com’s above-average earnings by position, only the Phillies and Angels earned less than last season in the entire baseball game.

It’s worth noting here: Tiger was thought to be the Korean relegation favorite earlier this season, as he reunited with former Astros manager AJ Hench. This seems to take them out of the race, even though we’ve seen them go crazy before.

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