Home Tennis Jaime Yzaga Vásquez de Velasco, the son of the former tennis player who chose another sport: “My dad teaches me tennis, I teach him golf” | INTERVIEW | Jaime Yzaga Tori | NCZD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

Jaime Yzaga Vásquez de Velasco, the son of the former tennis player who chose another sport: “My dad teaches me tennis, I teach him golf” | INTERVIEW | Jaime Yzaga Tori | NCZD DTCC | SPORT-TOTAL

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The pulse of Jaime Yzaga Vásquez de Velasco It is almost with his words, exactly. The 15-year-old young golfer has been standing out on the Peruvian courts and has been crowned National Youth Champion, finalist of the National Amateur and recently, won the title in the South American Junior Mixed Double Teams in Ecuador, for which the delegation was honored in the Congress of the Republic.

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Made of the famous tennis player Jaime Yzaga, who became number 18 in the ATP ranking, Jaime Jr. is not sorry to carry that surname on his shoulders. On the contrary, he takes it naturally and leans on his father for fun. He tells us that they play tennis and golf together and between them, the secrets of these sports are shared.

Yesterday Sunday, Jaime traveled to Santiago de Chile for the South American team in the Los Andes Cup, where the Peruvian team hopes to repeat the achievements they have had.

– How do you take your moment in golf? You come from being champion of minors, of a medal in the South American Youth …

Right now I feel good, I really feel that every day I feel better. I train and feel like I’m making progress. The results that I am having are the reward for the workouts that I do.

– How did you get into the world of golf?

I don’t know how I cheered up. I do not remember. What they tell me in my family is that one day I saw my dad on the golf course and I liked him. That’s how it went. I was 6-7 years old, I don’t remember well.

“Did you try tennis?”

Sure, I played tennis from 3 to 12 years old, but I realized that it was not my thing. I amused myself, yes. It’s a good sport, but I feel like golf is more. I do better there.

-And the football?

I got used to playing golf. It hooked me more. Soccer is fun and I play it with my friends, but nothing serious. I’ve been to the stadium, I enjoy it, but nothing serious about football.

–So, you feel that you can achieve something important with golf

I think that at my age it depends on the tournaments you play and the results to be able to launch yourself to fame from a young age, but I don’t feel any rush about that.

Jaime Yzaga and his decision to play golf and not tennis like his father
Jaime Yzaga and his decision to play golf and not tennis like his father

–Although now things are going well for you, how do you handle the issue of frustrations when you don’t win or you don’t like how you want? In boys your age they want to abandon everything

When you set a goal and don’t meet it, you obviously feel bad, but it’s because something was missing. Something you lacked to train or something you lacked to understand. You realize that by not reaching that goal you need something to get there next time. It is not to throw in the towel.

-You have a professional look, let’s say, despite being pre-youth

I think I know more or less what is necessary to come to understand that it is not just one day or that everything is defined in only one way, in a week or in a month.

-You see yourself playing golf at a professional level, then

Now I don’t know … I hope

–Now there has been a lot of incentive for minors’ golf in the country. Is what you needed

It’s pretty good to be able to introduce more people to other tournaments. There is a long way to go, it can be expanded further.

-They were in a training base in the United States before the South American

Yes. It is necessary before all the big tournaments to practice either in another country or here. You need that long-term time before any competition.

– How do you train in a national team when the sport is individual? How are the jobs with Gilda Hawie?

We focus on how to play the field. The technical part is not much because that is done by each one with their teachers in their clubs. With it we see the strategic part and how to face each situation on the court.

– How do you share training, playing and going to school?

I am in third year and it is very complicated. I need to catch up on everything. I have missed a week for the South American, now I’m going to miss another week. I have to talk to the teachers to catch up and they don’t give me much time for other things. I train, I get home, homework and sleep, because I don’t have time for anything.

–And how do you socialize? How do you have fun?

When I have time, after my homework, I get together with my friends. But I have a lot of fun training golf and that’s basically my fun. That is a way of socializing too.

–How did you realize that you wanted to continue with golf?

I realized it because I was doing well in tournaments. I don’t exactly remember a tournament, but I remember my beginnings and it went downhill, I felt that I could do something in this sport.

“Do they also play golf with your dad?”

Yes. We had a pretty good time

– And in golf, who corrects whom?

It’s complicated [risas]. I try to correct him sometimes, but he doesn’t pay much attention to me. Let’s say, he taught me tennis, I taught him golf.

– Do you feel that the last name demands more of you?

My dad supports me a lot, he helps me. More than pressuring me, it helps me. Maybe in tennis … but I’ll never know.

–And how are you doing being the son of Jaima Yzaga?

Having the last name does not influence me at all. I live my normal life. I don’t feel like I have any pressure or anything because of what my dad did in tennis. So I take it. I feel like I have no expectations for the last name.

Jaime Yzaga and training with his father
Jaime Yzaga and training with his father



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