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“It wasn’t No vax, he was just afraid”

by archysport

The message they want to get across is clear. «Our father was not a No vax. He hadn’t been vaccinated out of fear. In hospital in Saluzzo, hospitalized in intensive care, he repented. He would have made three of vaccines. But it was too late now». Danilo and Sandro, the children of Edgardo Toti, municipal employee of Fossano (retired) died at age 76 for Covid. The man was well known in the city for his work at the Events Office and for his passion for archery that led him to become president of the ASD Arclub Fossano company. Monday 22 November, the funeral in the church of Santa Maria del Salice. Many participated: family, friends and acquaintances.

Edgardo Toti dead, the letter from the children

The children wanted to remember their father with a letter, in which they expressed all the love but also the bitterness for a personal choice that they did not share and yet respected. Here she is. «We have experienced 15 intense days. Unfortunately dad coped a war without weapons. He had chosen not to get vaccinated and we respected this choice, although we did not share it and even if he had thought about it several times, unfortunately he did not change his mind in time. We thank all the staff of the Covid department of Saluzzo, in particular Dr. Launaro, Dr. Allio and Dr. Ferreri who have been our allies in this battle. We have received support, humanity and a lot of professionalism from the doctors and nurses who have treated and assisted our father until the end.».

Florida, seven No vax positive doctors after a conference on Covid. One was treated with ivermectin

He dies of Covid at the age of 66, the shocking phrase on the poster: “If I had believed in the pandemic I would tell another story”

The letter continues as follows: «Dad had been in the world of archery for many years and in these days we have had the opportunity to see how many people have shared this passion with him: he was not a simple instructor, but for many of them he was a friend, a reference. . He was a builder of relationships and he passed on an important value to us, which is that of true passion in the things he did. Thanks for all! Have a good trip dad! Danilo and Sandro». Edgardo Toti also left his daughter-in-law Sabrina, his nephews Samuele and Andrea, his sisters Gilgliola, Lalla and Fiorella with their respective families and affectionate Lorena.


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