‘It was forgotten’: Jerry Jones makes strong statement


Jerry Jones

As difficult as it was, Jerry Jones forgot about his disgust with the officers of the big game on Thursday that ended in overtime between the Dallas Cowboys and the Las Vegas Raiders, compartmentalizing their exalted emotions to show optimism with their team’s 7-4 record, consecutive game losers.

There are two ways to assess the state of the team, and the Cowboys owner is looking at things with a glass half full.

“I’m very disappointed with how the last four games have played out,” Jones said on Friday at 105.3 The Fan, via Jon Machotaby The Athletic. “On the other hand, I’m going to just focus on how we’re going to handle things in the next six games, and hopefully in the playoffs as well. What happened yesterday has already been forgotten. It already happened. Now we have to see how to improve. The sky is not falling. When we see the six games that we have left, we know that the reinforcements are coming. We have to relax and remember that some players may be missing at this time of year. We are generally dealing with a diminished staff. We will have fresh legs and Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence, already recovered, and together with Micah Parsons they will cause problems for opposing offenses. They will be back soon. We have (defensive lineman Neville) Gallimore, who should have been a starter since the beginning of the season, who will also be part of the defense again. Many of our young players played. They have played and practiced a lot. They will arrive improved to the last six games. So I can see that we have what it takes to improve. “

Dallas will continue to trust Greg Zuerlein

In a three-point loss at home to the Raiders, there were four points that kicker Greg Zuerlein failed to convert. He missed a long field goal attempt – 59 yards – and squandered an extra point.

Zuerlein, who was a Pro Bowl selection in the past, now has a record of 19 of 24 in field goals and 22 of 25 in extra points in ten player games this season. Every time he gets to kick, the entire Cowboys crowd tenses up, something that rarely happened during Dan Bailey’s days. But despite its inconsistencies, the team continues to fully support the kicker.

“I’m not worried about Greg Zuerlein,” coach Mike McCarthy said during his post-game press conference, through Cowboys Wire. “He is a professional who has played a long time in the league. We will evaluate it. You have to convert those kicks; we understand. Especially in these types of matches. It was very even. But without a doubt we will continue to trust him ”.

D-Law is close to return

Going back to what Jones said, the Cowboys have been without their $ 105 million defender DeMarcus Lawrence, who broke a bone in his foot during practice in mid-September. He’s been on the disabled list since then, but that’s about to change.

The 21-day window for his activation has been opened, and he has already participated in some practices under the watchful eye of the physical trainers. According to some specialized reporters, there is a “good opportunity”Of Lawrence playing next Thursday against the New Orleans Saints, a projection shared by Cowboys offensive coordinator Dan Quinn.

“He has already met all the requirements of his recovery and his conditioning, and is getting in tune,” said Quinn on Friday, November 26, via the Dallas Morning News. “We are very eager to get it back.”

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