IOC and how sports associations deal with transgender athletes

Dhe International Olympic Committee (IOC) tries with a new framework to move the international sports associations to a harmonized approach in dealing with inter- and transsexual athletes. The IOC expressly does not create its own set of rules. Each sport and its umbrella organization must be left to determine to what extent an athlete could have a disproportionate advantage over others, taking into account the respective circumstances of the sport.

In principle, the international associations should observe the “framework for fairness, inclusion and non-discrimination based on gender identity and gender variations” as a “coherent whole” when defining the requirements for participation in sports, disciplines and events. This is not possible for the IOC.

In contrast to older regulations, the IOC guidelines no longer provide for upper testosterone limits, but instead expressly state that, as long as there are no scientifically founded studies that prove the opposite, it should not be assumed that female athletes “because of their gender variation, theirs physical appearance and / or transgender status have an unfair or disproportionate advantage ”. New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard took part in the Tokyo Olympics as the first transgender athlete to openly change her gender identity.

Admission criteria as a means of pressure

Other passages of the IOC guidelines can be clearly related to the handling of the International Athletics Federation World Athletics (WA) with the 800-meter Olympic champion Caster Semenya, who was not allowed to start in Tokyo, and other hyperandrogenic athletes. The IOC now says that associations should never target individual athletes to determine gender, gender identity and / or gender variations. In addition, female athletes should not be put under pressure, for example through admission criteria, to have “medically unnecessary procedures or treatments” carried out in order to meet the admission requirements.




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