Installation of sewage treatment facilities to improve village environmental sanitation

Original title: Install sewage treatment facilities to improve village environmental sanitation

Recently, the author came to the Manlongle villager group in Manlongdai Village, Mengla Town, Mengla County, and saw that the village has a beautiful, clean and tidy environment. The drainage ditches in other villages are somewhat different. What is going on here? Will such a drainage ditch help improve the environmental sanitation of the village?

Compared with the drainage ditch usually seen, the biggest feature of the drainage ditch of the Manlongle villager group is that it is covered with a thick cement board, and the ditch is also wider. Walking along the drainage ditch, the author also found that all the sewage from the village ended up in a green underground at the edge of the village. The author found Yan Kanwan, the leader of the Manlongle village group, and learned that the group built sewage treatment facilities in 2017 and started using them in 2018. The drainage ditch of the entire village has been reinforced and repaired, and a cover plate has been added. All sewage will flow to the sewage treatment tank, and after sewage treatment, it will be discharged into the river. The team will clean the drains from time to time.

A green underground the size of a basketball court in the village is a sewage treatment tank. According to Yankanwan, this is a three-level sewage treatment tank, which can store about 50 tons of water. The sewage flows into the sewage treatment tank and has to go through multiple treatments such as grilling, precipitation, degradation, transformation and disinfection before reaching the discharge standard. Discharge into the river.

The wide drainage ditches reduce the possibility of the drainage ditches being blocked. Coupled with irregular cleaning and the application of cover plates, it provides protection for the sanitation and beauty of the drainage ditches. The treated sewage will not pollute the river water when discharged into the river. . The construction and use of wastewater treatment facilities in Manlongle Village have played a positive role in improving village hygiene and improving the living environment, and has won unanimous praise from the villagers.

“When there was no sewage treatment facility in the past, our drainage ditch was smelly and dirty, and some mosquitoes would breed. Since the construction of the sewage treatment facility, the drainage ditch is clean and there is no smell, and the environment of the entire village has been improved. “The villager Ivana said.

According to relevant departments, at present, 37 villager groups in 15 administrative villages have established sewage treatment facilities in various townships in Mengla County.




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