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Salon: TOFAS

Referees: Aytuğ Ekti, Alper Özgök, Polat Parlak

TOFAŞ: Cruz 17, Cook 11, Zubcic 21, Berk Uğurlu 6, Muhsin Yaşar 4, Emre Tanışan 3, Shepherd 19, Simmons 9, Yiğit Arslan 4

Anadolu Efes: Beaubois 21, Singleton 8, Micic 31, Tolga Geçim, Petrusev 17, Yiğitcan Saybir 5, Bryant 19, Doğuş Balbay, Erten Gazi 4, Ahmet Buğrahan Tuncer 2,

1. Period: 26-24

Circuit: 58-53

3. Period: 79-78

5 fouls: 32.08 Muhsin Yaşar, 39.12 Zubcic (TOFAŞ), 32.54 Petrusev (Anadolu Efes)

BURSA (AA) – ING basketball Anadolu Efes defeated TOFAŞ 107-94 away in the 6th week of the Super League.

Anadolu Efes scored 7 points with Micic in the first minutes of the match, and TOFAŞ scored with Berk Uğur and Cruz, and the 3rd minute was tied 7-7. Responding to Anadolu Efes’ pressured game with a high percentage of throws, Bursa representative finished the quarter 26-24 superior, increasing the lead to 7 (20-13) in the 8th minute.

Starting the second quarter by equalizing the points scored by Petrusev’s free throws, Anadolu Efes turned the score back in their favor in the 12th minute with Micic’s three-pointer: 29-31. Against his opponent, TOFAŞ, who did not give his opponent a sigh of relief especially with Cruz’s assists and points, went ahead 58-53 into the locker room from the period in which he played better.

Starting the third quarter well, Bursa team got the score contribution from Shepherd and Simmons, who came from the sidelines, and managed to maintain the lead until the 22nd minute: 64-57. Energizing the game again with Petrusev’s outside shots and Bryant’s good performance in the painted area, Anadolu Efes managed to equalize the score (66-66) in the 25th minute. Scoring 3 points with Cruz in the last second of the quarter, where the two teams were trying to outdo each other in terms of both score and game play, TOFAŞ entered the final period by 1 point: 79-78

The blue-whites, who were effective with Petrusev, Bryant and Singleton against TOFAŞ, which had difficulties in scoring in the last quarter, caught a 5-point lead in the 33rd minute: 82-87. Even though the home team got the support of the fans, they fell out of the game with successive outside shots and Anadolu Efes played better in the remaining minutes and won the floor 107-94.


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