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Deportivo Independiente Medellín was eliminated for the fifth consecutive time from the semifinal home runs by drawing 0-0 with Deportivo Pereira, on date 17 in League II-2021. The Antioquia team improved in game volume, but it was not overwhelming and ended up giving up another two points at Atanasio. At the end of the game, coach Julio Comesaña spoke about the game, the controversy in Juan Pablo Gallego’s goal annulled by the VAR and what is coming for the red team from Antioquia.

“There are situations sometimes in which a player who is a scorer or others who are used to scoring goals, but are not scorers, enter into streaks where they cannot score. In this game we had many chances to score, even with the goalkeeper defeated and we threw it out, it hit an opponent and did not enter. I prefer to acknowledge the team and not complain, I understand what it is to be on the court, not getting the result is a hard blow, “said the strategist.

In addition, the strategist pointed to the central Nicolás Gallo about the goal that his team did not validate and the behavior of the rival in the final stretch of the match, “we have to move on, but I am satisfied that the team showed things against a rival that did a decent game until minute 38 of the second half, then he did it unnecessarily indecent, when they threw themselves on the floor, they delayed. The ‘friend’ (Nicolás) Gallo, sometimes let the elephants pass and grab a mouse. What happened in the goal, I think it was a misery of football, because one of those goals did not occur 35 meters from the goal. It is not an excuse, to attack well, you have to be effective, we made merits, but it did not reach us and we must recognize that ”.

Regarding the team’s behavior, Comesaña stressed that “it was the best game, coming out with the ball from the bottom in a clean way, generating play, circulating the ball, with changes of rhythm, leaving the wings. In so many games, I had not seen the team with so many minutes of play showing that order, with serenity, entrenched in its game, controlling the rival. You start to see many things, we were able to win it, but we still have that feeling and the pain that we were able to win it. I am not going to decay, I have many battles above. I fought descents, I lost championships, I won others that we did not deserve so much, that’s why I always go in that middle point, not as good, not as bad as they say ”.

Julio Avelino gave a concept to the DIM fans who ask their players for an ‘egg’, when the result is not taking place in the match. Although he accepted the general discomfort and apologized for the team’s performance. “I want to tell the Medellín fans that football is not a matter of eggs, I say it with all the affection of the case. This is not about eggs, it is about character, the team runs, in the GPS of the games, if we show them that data, they would be surprised. What happens is that we need to be effective. If the team has something, it is the desire to give people emotions, we want to apologize, it is natural that they are upset with us. What we cannot accept is that they think we don’t want to win, if that’s what we want the most, in this game we wanted to, but we couldn’t. “

Regarding Adrián Arregui’s level, Comesaña explained that “since I’ve been here, Adrián (Arregui) has improved a lot in order on the pitch. He had a great performance in a difficult position, he distributed the ball well, he had shots on goal, he won from the top. It was a balanced game, understanding its role ”.

Finally, the coach insisted on the offensive issue of the team, a fundamental problem in this new sporting failure. “I try to be realistic and I know how much I demand of the players. We must analyze which players really score goals, we must review not now, but years ago. That does not surprise me, there are players who score goals, but who are not scorers. We have to work, thinking about the day to day and what we aspire to come next, it does not disappoint me because offensive players are not great scorers ”.

Juan Camilo Alvarez Serrano
FUTBOLRED correspondent
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