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There was a lot of talk in Florence about the Viola’s goal crisis, Vlahovic has thought about solving any problem: triplet, spice disintegrated. It was the Serbian who dragged Fiorentina. He, at the center of the heated controversy. The split with the fans is definitive, but his performance led Franchi to applaud him for a long time. The merit of Dusan is the extraordinary commitment, in the match and in training. He knows he will go away, but he does everything he can not to let it be understood. The last season of Chiesa was a torment: for him, who didn’t want to stay there for a long time, and for Fiorentina. A story of sulking, shady faces, cards to be stamped. With physiognomy in power, the interpretation of an eyebrow was worth a title.

Vlahovic wants to show that he will be in the game until the end. This does not lessen the pain or anger at his departure if you prefer, but it does explain the characteror. Because the bitterness after games like yesterday rises like cream. For a long time, Fiorentina hadn’t had a center forward like that and who knows when they will get him back… Losing him is a wound that sheds blood. Suturing it will be tough. But this is business football, we have understood it by now.

Maybe we cultivate a dream: we hope the day arrives when the best remain in Florence and Juventus goes to buy them elsewhere. The actuality, however, says something else: da when President Commisso announced the breakdown of negotiations, its departure has become official on a planetary level. We know he will pack his bags, but not when. This is the great doubt that accompanies the purple world.

If in January the most delicious economic opportunity arrives, how should Fiorentina behave? Sell ​​it immediately thinking of a train not to be missed in the race or wait for the summer to try to make a great season until May with Dusan? On the surface it may seem like an easy knot to untie, but it isn’t. Fiorentina and Italian need this Vlahovic to make the impossible possible. We are almost a third of the championship, we are beginning to see something concrete in all the teams. We see a path that could become definitive. They are clearer strengths and weaknesses. Football is not an exact science, but those who struggle now not to retreat will hardly find themselves springing up in the neighborhood of Europe. As well as the other way around. Napoli and Milan seem to have more tricolor credentials than the others.

Fiorentina are deservedly sixth in a condominium with Lazio, this suggests that the viola will probably be within the ninth-tenth place, with the possibility, especially if they are properly reinforced on the next market, to remain in the current ranking areas instead. Imagine if, in addition to the arrival of another striker and an winger, Vlahovic should also remain. Here is the great legitimate doubt that can navigate in the heads of the purple executives. Both will be the president, to pronounce, as it should be, the last word. And we also know that Rocco is capable of anything. Game open more than ever.

Vlahovic hadn’t scored from action (he had only scored on a penalty and free-kick) since August 28 (1-0 at Turin): since then 701 minutes have passed before realizing in motion again. Vlahovic not only took the ball home for the three seals (second hat-trick in Serie A), but also rose to 8 in the top scorer standings (4 penalties) and above all reached the figure of 21 goals in the calendar year 2021, one more than those manufactured by Luca Toni (who won the Golden Boot in Florence) in 2006. In Europe in 2021 only Lewandoski (36 goals) and Halaand (26) did better than the purple jewel.

It should be remembered, then, that Dusan from the spot is relentless: since playing in Serie A he has shot 11 and scored as many hits. There was no match between Tuscans and Ligurians, but to unlock the game that had seen some purple attempts neutralized by an excellent Provedel, the Var was needed: Giua was recalled by Meraviglia and so he could see a volley-style hand from Gyasi on Milenkovic. As mentioned, Vlahovic took care of the rest.

The excellent performance of Fiorentina laid the foundations on a formidable Saponara – class hits, but is there still anyone who is surprised? – as well as on the positive contribution of Castrovilli, Bonaventura and Odriozola. In addition, a defense that defused the evanescent attack of La Spezia. But it was all Fiorentina that turned very well. Thiago Motta passed with many changes to 4-3-3, without having any effect, on the contrary: the move by Gyasi, who slipped from playmaker to full-back, displaced everyone a bit. But why do some coaches come up with these bizarre ideas?

Vlahovic’s doubling arrived on the Odriozola axis, Saponara shot in the heel, Odriozola again for the winning assist. While the third seal of the Serbian was the result of a wonderful passage of Callejon, just entered in place of Sottil. We are happy for the Spaniard: a bright period does not pass, he is much criticized, but he does not make a turn. He works, shows his extraordinary professionalism and even if his career is drawing to a close, today he deserves the applause for how he entered the field. Sottil has gone to tears, but he is like that for now. He burns opponents by eating weed, but sometimes his last choice is not right. He needs to improve, but time is on his side.

In the rear view mirror there are 11 league games and 18 points in the cash register. They are not few if we think back to where Fiorentina comes from. The balance is positive, perhaps more. There are teams around full of problems and others that will soon have problems, while the Viola are a compact group. Cohesive to the point of having absorbed the Vlahovic case quickly and effectively. It’s time to push on the gas, without fear of taking risks because the ranking is very good. The next two challenges will be very difficult: at Juve’s home and after the stop at Franchi with Milan flying. No fear, whatever the verdict of these two matches will be, immediately afterwards the calendar will return to normal, to the extent of Fiorentina who up to now, except for Venice, have not missed a beat. Fiorentina shows a regularity of progress that can only give hope. But on Saturday at 6 pm there will be the match that will never be like all the others… A match that prepares itself. This time, however, it was born under different assumptions. Who would have imagined, last summer, that Juventus and Fiorentina on 6 November would have met with the viola 3 points above Allegri…? It rarely happened. This is why the impossible can become possible. Italian knows.

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