In “Tic, Tic … Boom!” Robin de Jesús presents his collection

“Bo-boo, you have to ask yourself,” Michael told Jonathan, “Right now, do you dare to be afraid? Or to love? “

De Jesús said: “I learned that Michael doesn’t have to be pulled and buttoned, and that he was a person to turn to to be an artist, a creative, a frustrated and fantastic person, and good at advertising as well.”

“It wasn’t supposed to be just one thing,” he continued.

Although De Jesús has appeared in several major films, it was assumed that an older movie star could get in the way of Michael’s role. So he risked testing it. Miranda was impressed.

I’ve seen a lot of Tick, Tick… ​​Boom! “And many times the guy who is portrayed as Michael is someone who seems totally comfortable being a businessman, so nice, so nice,” Miranda said over the phone. This is an artist who thrives in this world. He is an artist in a suit and tie ”.

Miranda and de Jesus are back together. (So ​​far, in fact, de Jesus has sung at Miranda’s wedding.) In 2005, de Jesus made his Broadway debut in “Rent” as a band member and replacement for Angel, a young cyclist queen. In the same year, he joined the original cast of “In the Heights,” Miranda’s first musical, with a book by Quiara Alegría Hudes.

“Chiara and I realized that every time she caught the ball, she rolled it like crazy and threw it out of the park,” said Miranda of de Jesus. “I confuse the metaphors of tennis and baseball, but also Robin.”



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