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In steamroller mode, Manchester City stifles PSG and secures 1st place

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Impressive Manchester City ! In steamroller mode, the armada of Pep Guardiola stifled PSG to grab three well-deserved points (2-1).

And yet, the impressive war machine almost derailed when, despite a clear domination, it conceded a first goal signed by the opportunist Kilian Mbappé after the break.

A reaction, almost the only one in the game, which had the gift of waking up a colossus who had perhaps seen himself too beautiful, too quickly. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, Raheem Sterling and Gabriel Jesus finally managed to put an end to chronic imprecision to crucify Keylor Navas and overturn that part and take 1st place in the group.

On the side of PSG, long apathetic, we will probably be content to say that this Wednesday evening, we probably came across stronger. And that we are qualified …

The summary of a crazy game:

Rain of absentees for this duel under the stars: De Bruyne, Foden, Grealish on the one hand, Verratti et Wijnaldum the other. Facing his audience and determined to put down this swarm of Parisian stars, City sets foot on the entry ball.

Alone on a distant free-kick, Rodri raises his carcass and lobes a Navas gone on a daisy hunt. Fortunately, Kimbembe is there to clear his line. In the process, Navas intervenes in front of Gündogan. Big phew of relief, already, in the Parisian ranks …

PSG non-existent, City imprecise

Orphan of his pug-conductor Marco Verratti, PSG skates and does not touch any ball. After Kimpembé, it is Judge who plays flying doorman by interposing on a shipment of Mahrez, inexplicably alone in the surface.

On the left, on the right, in the center, the Mancunians are everywhere and patiently weave their web to stifle prey more docile than expected. Almost automatically, the assaults follow on the goal of poor Navas. And if the powerful strike of Gündogan comes crashing into the post, the goalkeeper intervenes brilliantly on a Mahrez. There is fire in the Parisian hut !

We have to wait until the 43rd minute to see this PSG finally come out of its torpor. Neymar takes advantage of Stones’ loss of ball to throw Mbappé in depth. Offset on the left side, the Frenchman swings a concrete block which comes crashing down … in the stands. Curtain on this blank score.

And Mbappé prowled around …

The adage “Big teams don’t need a lot of chances to score“Even though it has been worn out for a long time, sometimes in football it resurfaces and becomes crying out for the truth again. Instead, ask what Mancunians think.

Overpowered since the start of the match, they were surprised on one of the rare Parisian pranks. In mode Casper the Phantom in the 1st half, Messi takes off his cloak and twirls at the entrance to the surface. His low balloon is deflected by a Mancunian thigh and lands luckily in the feet from Mbappé. Alone, the blue shines Ederson, it’s 0-1, the heist is perfect! (0-1, 50’)

Jesus Returns, Bernardo Pound Sterling

PSG at the controls without really knowing how, this match is finally balanced and the two teams engage in an intense battle of the trenches. But it seemed written that this City, so dashing offensively, would finally score.

With a love of a stung balloon, Rodri lance Walker behind the Parisian defense. The resumption of british side, who was targeting Jesus, finally (hopefully) finds Sterling who equalizes at close range. It’s 1-1! (61 ‘)

And the more this match advances, the more we tell ourselves that the conceded goal had the gift of stinging in Vif City. On a copy and paste of the 1st citizen goal, Bernardo Silva perfectly negotiates a long cross and puts back beautifully well behind for Jesus. The Brazilian does what he does best and shoots Navas (77’), it’s 2-1 and that’s the final score! In front for a few minutes, PSG believed in the hold-up but it finally collapsed (too) quickly defensively.

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