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Implementing the “Double Reduction” Policy and Returning to the Reality of Education

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News from our newspaper (Ye Nan) “I like basketball. I joined the basketball club of my school and learned a lot of basketball skills.”

“AssemblerobotThe experience is amazing! I have already taken 3 classes. “

“The programming class is very interesting, and many ideas can be realized.”

On the afternoon of the 16th, in Xinyang No. 3 Primary School, students were lining up to the interest classroom. Some went to the music classroom to learn singing, some wielded a red fan to learn dance, and some played basketball and table tennis on the playground. Cheers. The laughter fluttered over the campus.

“Our school has been implementing after-school services for more than a month. Starting from the needs of parents and the immediate needs of students, the school has carried out its work steadily and provided services with heart. Especially every Tuesday, our school launches’characteristic clubs’, a variety of cultural and artistic activities. Sports, programming and other club activities are deeply loved by children.” said Lu Yan, director of the school’s curriculum center.

It is understood that Xinyang No. 3 Primary School adheres to the educational philosophy of “returning to the true nature of education”, deeply implements the relevant policies of “double reduction”, and aims to enrich campus life and promote the overall development of students, creating “basic courses” and “characteristic clubs.” The implementation path of “one class, one product” combined after-school service, scientifically and effectively carry out post-class service work. In the 2021 ENJO-AI Season Global Youth Artificial Intelligence Competition Henan Trial, the school won the first, second and third prizes.

This year, Xinyang No. 3 Primary School also opened a red education course in after-school services, and established a school party history museum with classrooms as a base. The school not only integrates party history education into after-school services, but also allows the red gene to enter the classroom. The colorful forms of education have strengthened the love of the party and the country in the hearts of the children.

“Since this year, our school has actively carried out after-school services based on students’ interests and hobbies, digs in-depth school educational resources, and launched a’diversified’ curriculum. While helping parents solve their children’s after-school care difficulties, it has also promoted students’ Fully develop and improve the comprehensive literacy of students.” Vice President Chen Dan said.

At present, the basic education of Shihe District is well-known in the province and the city is leading. It has formed a new development pattern of “preschool education quality inclusive, compulsory education quality and balance, ordinary high school education with diverse characteristics, and vocational education production and education integration”. The district has laid a solid foundation. At the same time, the district actively takes after-school services during the compulsory education stage as an important livelihood project of the “I do practical things for the masses” activities. Problems such as difficulty in picking up children, “burden reduction in school and burden increase outside school” have been well received by the majority of students and parents.

(Source: Xinyang Daily)


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