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I made a zero magnetic field. : Judo rehabilitation teacher Akihiro Nakamura [マイベストプロ神戸]

by archysport

Recently, an increasing number of people are not feeling well even if they go to the hospital.
Even if you go to various hospitals
When it is said that there is no abnormality,
The company is also hard to take a day off.It’s hard to go to school …

・ Problems with autonomic nerves?

“I have a weak heart …” I blame myself.
Are you so weak?

It seems that such worries have been around for 2,500 years.
What is the prototype of medicine introduced this time? It has been done for 5,000 years.

That said, people 5,000 years ago had something wrong. And it seems that he was doing it. ..

In other words, only modern people are not worried.

1. What is zero magnetic field?

Do you know the word “zero magnetic field”?
I have been interested in alternative medicine since I was 16 years old
Since I was in the high school rugby club, I taught myself “moxibustion” and
I was learning Qigong.

Of course, the body damaged by the hard sport of rugby can be recovered as soon as possible.
I wanted to be regular.

At that time, I was also consulting with a doctor at the hospital.
“Teacher, is it difficult for my body to recover because of thin blood?”
“Are you drinking too much water?”

So the teacher helped me recover my body, saying, “Is it okay to drip?”

However, it was a day when I regretted my body, which did not recover as much as I expected.

At that time, I discovered a western style breathing method at a bookstore.
I was self-taught to breathe Qigong.
The actress Kaoru Yumi also went there.

(Since I was a high school student who liked Mito Komon and the Unfettered Shogun,
Kaoru Yumi knew. )

When you breathe like that,
Before the navel (Tanda), I was able to make a “ki” ball.
Imaginary thing? Kana? I also thought,
My hands get warmer.

At that level, in the rugby club of high school, university, and adult clubs
I cherished the breathing of Qi.

And recently, a scientist and inventor with more than 1,200 patents
I came across the equipment of Professor Sadao Nishibori.

It can be said that “Ki” is a science teacher.

Is “Ki” suspicious?

“Ki” in China
“Prana” in India
In Europe, it is called “spirit”.

The ancient people who lived naturally
Everyone knew the existence of a “magnetic field”.

“Magnetic field” is simply
It refers to a place called a “power spot”.

In other words, the myriad starry sky in the night sky … Such a universe is filled with plasma,
There is also a “magnetic field”.

On Earth, the compass points to the north and south poles, right?
In the deep core of the earth, a large amount of metal such as iron is convected by a muddy liquid.
The movement of this flow generates electricity like a power plant, and a magnetic force is generated.
And the magnetism generated by the earth is called “geomagnetism”.
The space where magnetic force is generated is called “magnetic field”.

The magnetic field also has strength.

For example, one car is parked in front of you.
Of course, the speed is 0 km / h.

Then, a car that runs 50 kilometers from the front has arrived!
A few tough guys appeared there and parked the car!
But the accelerator of the car is not loosened!

In this case, the car is 0 km / h, just like a stopped car.

It’s not moving from the spot.
Pushed back by strong men
It has been held down.

Both cars
It is 0 km / h.

However, the “power” that is born on the spot is clearly different.

Zero magnetic field
Not the weak meaning of “zero”
A place where “power” and “power” are combined.

That is “zero magnetic field”.
The ancient people there
Intuitively? I was looking for it. And I knew that the place would heal and improve my body and mind.

2. Why doesn’t your body heal?

If the earth that gave birth to life is a magnet
It is no wonder that we, who were born from it, are also magnets because iron is present in our bodies.

In fact, our bodies are magnetic and
There is a weak magnetic field of about 0,2 to 0,3 gauss in the body.

It is an examination at the hospital
“MRI” also uses electricity generated in the body. When nerve cells and muscle cells in the body are working, the flow of ions, which are electrically charged particles, occurs inside and outside the cells. The flow of ions is like an electric current, where magnetism is generated and a magnetic field is generated. By catching this magnetic field, the state of the part where magnetism is generated can be known.
Using this property, strong magnetism is applied to the body and the affected area is captured as a stereoscopic image by a phenomenon called “magnetic resonance”, which is likely to appear in MRI.
(Source: “The Miracle of Zero Magnetic Field” by Sadao Nishibori, published by Gentosha)

The magnetic field seems to be getting weaker in recent years.
It seems that the pole shift of the earth is also affecting it,
It seems that the magnetic field is also weak in high-rise condominiums. (Pea seedlings are difficult to grow on the 8th floor and above)

Is the upper floor useless? Then how about living in a high mountain?

I also thought, but from the concept of magnetic field,
Sedona in the United States has rugged mountains and rocks,
As a power spot in the world, it seems to have a strong magnetic force.
Originally, that place had a magnetic force. ..
Building a building everywhere does not mean that the magnetic field will be stronger.


In Japan, so are Ise Jingu, Mt. Koya, Mt.
Jerusalem, the sanctuary of Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, is famous overseas.

People with weakened magnetic force
Just in search of charging,
I was going to be healed by the zero magnetic field.

The magnetic field is weak now.
I can’t even go to the power spot because I’m too busy.

Religion is also becoming a business,
It may be beginning to deviate from the original “save people”.

The way to save people from ancient times is
It is a word of “suspicious” in modern society.

For the development of science,
Diseases of unknown cause
New illnesses are increasing.

Few people disagree with it,
I don’t try to swallow them and improve my own healing power.

From ancient times
The magnetic field has really saved people.

I understand the meaning of magnetic fields (power spots) that fascinate people.

3. Is the current treatment okay?

Many people are having some trouble now.

·Mental illness
・ Depression, stress, panic disorder
・ For cerebral infarction, myocardial infarction, and cancer …

I get medicine at the hospital, but I’m not satisfied with the symptomatic treatment,
Devour supplements and dietary supplements.

the other day,
I talked to people who are taking 18 kinds of supplements …
(There is a frequency measuring device called “Metatron” in our hospital.
Are supplements and dietary supplements suitable for the body?
I want you to find out if it doesn’t match …
As a result, 16 supplements lowered the frequency of his body. )

But they don’t say “bad”.
If drinking it saves your heart
That is also a “health method” for that person.

If you smoke when stress builds up, the stress will be released.
It may be a “health method” for that person.

There is no answer at all.

However, it is recommended that only the root of the body has increased healing power.

Increase your natural healing power

What is important is the natural healing power.
It exists within your body.

Are you improving your natural healing power?

Natural healing power
You can heal your body yourself.

The will of my respected doctor is
“We doctors can only help 5%. The other 95% have the power to heal themselves.”

4, how to improve the body

So what is essential to sustaining your life?
It is said that “oxygen!”
The benefits of oxygen can only be accepted in the presence of “iron”.
did you know?

Have you ever licked “blood”?
The taste of “blood” tastes like iron, doesn’t it?

Although “iron” is scientifically, it is “iron ion”.

Although it is contained in the blood,
The blood contains a lot of red blood cells.
Red blood cells are red, but that red color is what
There is hemoglobin that contains iron as the main component.

Iron in the body rusts! ??

Because it is iron, you have to be careful about rust.
“No! There is no reason for the iron in your body to rust!”

I want to think so,
Humans breathe and take in oxygen.

Iron such as nails oxidizes in combination with oxygen.

Is the same.
The iron molecules of hemoglobin also combine with oxygen taken in through breathing.
In other words, “blood also rusts”.

Have you ever heard that your body is rusty?
It was really rusty …

There are two types of rusting

There are two types of rust: red rust (trivalent iron) and black rust (divalent iron).

What we generally say “rust” is “red rust”.
Red rust is caused by oxygen and water
When salt or acid is added, it is further oxidized and becomes tattered.

On the other hand, “black rust” is “iron oxide” made by applying heat.
For example, if you buy a new frying pan, heat the frying pan before using it. The part heated by this turns black, which is called “black rust”.

It was coated with “black rust” to prevent “red rust”.

Protect from red rust

“Black rust” protects iron, and “red rust” destroys iron.

If you think about this in your body,
Blood in the body with good blood flow causes friction with the blood vessel wall inside the blood vessel, causing black rust. Black rust tends to be magnetic, so it seems to protect red blood cells and prevent blood flow stagnation. (References by Sadao Nishibori, published by Gentosha, a miracle of zero magnetic field)

However, when the ion balance is lost and the amount of positively ionized iron increases, oxidation progresses, causing a lot of red rust and stagnation of blood flow.
This is an on-parade of modern illnesses.

Decreased body temperature → upset →

● High blood pressure ● Arteriosclerosis ● Stroke ● Heart disease ● Asthma ● Bronchitis ● Severe diabetes ● Gastrointestinal disease is more likely to occur.

Blood flow is friction

The walls of blood vessels are rubbed by blood flow and
It is probable that the frictional heat was used to make black rust.

Friction heat raises body temperature,
Keep the body temperature of 37 °.

After all, blood flow is the point.

In the United States, there is a paper that raising the body temperature by 1 ° increases the immunity by more than 6 times.

“Black rust” that is good for the body is beneficial for the body, isn’t it?

Also, the recent problems of “dementia” and “depression” are painful.

In 1,992, in the United States, it was revealed that the brain also contains magnetite, which is a member of iron and has strong magnetism.
Migratory birds and homing pigeons also use magnetite as a biological compass for their homing instinct.

In humans, this magnetite seems to be related to memory,
The treatment that uses magnetism for depression is also convincing.

In other words, it stimulates magnetically where the blood flow in the brain is poor.
It warms and activates brain cells, isn’t it?

Magnetism exists at important points such as blood and brain.

Do you feel the possibility of “magnetism”?

5, create a zero magnetic field

At our hospital, we tried to create a zero magnetic field.
This is the invention of Professor Nishibori.

Only in this zero magnetic field
I am confident that we can truly heal your mind and body.

● Go to zero magnetic field.
● Receive treatment with zero magnetic field.

The treatment is
Dr. Nishibori has been sent as an acoustic immunotherapy.

Since the headquarters is in Tokyo, we are the only hospital in Hyogo prefecture so far.
For those who rely on our hospital,
I hope that the “zero magnetic field” here will be useful to as many people as possible.
If you are a professional such as a manipulative clinic, please contact me if you like.

This column is
I would be grateful if you could help me.

(If you have any problems, please see the doctor first. Alternative medicine is next.)

The image of magnetism was bad …

I didn’t have a good image of magnetism.

Did your grandmother buy a “magnetic duvet” a long time ago? Or did you buy it?

Brainwashing sales with Sakura? I was caught in.

With a sales method with benefits, “Now, this is the only benefit !! Only now !! Who wants it !!”
Brainwashed by a group psychology like “Hi! Hi! Yes!”
He said he spent 1 million yen.

Magnetic futon? ?? ?? 1 million yen? ?? ?? Magnetic! !! ?? ?? impossible! !!
However, it was an impression when I was in elementary school.
“Don’t use it that much, just spend some money …” (laughs)

■■■ Column charge ■■■

“Nakamura Osteopathic Institute” 3-chome Higashitsujii, Himeji City, 670-0084

Representative Akihiro Nakamura

Telephone (reservation possible) 079-298-2313

■■■ What is Nakamura Osteopathic Institute?

・ A total of more than 230,000 people have been treated in more than 23 years of clinical practice.
・ We have the top treatment equipment in the prefecture (adopted for the Olympics)
・ Doctor’s recommendation
・ Achievements of winning 1st place in Himeji City
・ A rush temple for patients who cannot be cured at other hospitals
・ Lecturer to teach techniques to chiropractors nationwide

■■ Publication record ■■
・ Book “Start from 3 minutes a day! Get a” healthy body “with a posture improvement method”
Details → Start from 3 minutes a day! “Energetic body” with posture improvement method
・ Author “Akihiro Nakamura”
・Publisher “SANNO BOOKS”
・ Ranking “Achieved 8th overall at Kinokuniya Shinjuku Main Store.”

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