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I Chicago Bulls 1995-1998 nominati come All-Time Nba Dynasty

by archysport

The 1995-1998 Chicago Bulls were named as the ‘All-Time NBA Dynasty’ team, which is what European fans and the team of experts in the first category of the NBA 75 Euro Vote voted. After a week of voting, the Chicago Bulls, three-time NBA champions (1995-1998) got 46% of the vote, followed by the Boston Celtics 1958-1969 (24%). The vote of the fans represented 50% of the final result, that of the panelists constituted the remaining 50%.

Here is the final breakdown of votes:

  1. 1995-1998 Chicago Bulls (46%)
  2. 1958-1969 Boston Celtics (24%)
  3. 2015-2018 Golden State Warriors (15%)
  4. 1979-1989 Los Angeles Lakers (12%)
  5. 1980-1987 Boston Celtics (3%

The NBA 75 Euro Vote pays tribute to past and present European players who have inspired generations of basketball fans across the continent. In the 2021-22 season, a panel of European media experts, influencers and celebrities will join fans from across Europe to vote for the 10 best European players of all time to make up the All-Time NBA European First and Second Team.
The jury and fans will vote from a list of players born and raised in Europe, from early pioneers to today’s champions. Additional voting categories will include All-Time European NBA Moment, All-Time NBA Jersey.

Further voting will be for All-Time NBA Jersey (December 14-20, 2021), All-Time European NBA Moment (February 28 – March 7, 2022), and All-Time NBA European First and Second Team (March 28 – April 10, 2022). Fans can vote on NBA.com/Eurovote

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