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“I can’t help but think about it”

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Barbara D’Urso, at “Afternoon 5”, announced with deep regret the mourning that all the media are talking about: “I can’t help but think about it”

Barbara D’Urso (photo from Instagram)

Today’s episode of “Afternoon 5” it opened with shocking news, to say the least, which all the media have been talking about for hours. Fabio Basile, judo champion awarded during the Rio 2016 Olympics, suffered the loss of brother Michael, found dead in his home in Rosta. A dramatic news, especially in light of the ways in which the discovery of the body took place.

It was in fact Tiziana, Fabio’s mother, who found the body of her son, on which the authorities are conducting all the necessary investigations. Barbara D’Urso, which today dedicated space to the mourning that overwhelmed the Basile family, it seemed deeply touched from what happened.

Barbara D’Urso, the devastating loss announced at “Afternoon 5”: “I can’t help but think about it”

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Hi Mike, blood of my blood. I loved you .. I will miss you so much“: These are the words with which Fabio Basile, through a moving post, he greeted his brother Michael, found dead Friday morning in his home in Rosta. Today, a “Afternoon 5”, Barbara D’Urso dedicated an extensive report to the judo champion, who also stood out as a competitor of the “Big Brother Vip” and “Dancing with the stars”.

We do not yet know the reasons for the death, it will be the autopsy to establish it“- said Carlotta Dessì, in connection with the presenter -“Fabio is obviously upset. They had a very close relationship, it was Michael who passed on to him the passion for judo“.

The conductor, to say the least traumatized by what happened, she expressed her closeness to Fabio’s family. “It all happened suddenly. A hug to Fabio and Tiziana“- said the presenter, who in speaking seemed in obvious difficulty -“I can’t help thinking about his mom and what he had to go through“.

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Barbara D'Urso Afternoon 5
Afternoon 5 (photo from Instagram)

Michael’s death and the circumstances in which his body was found seem to have particularly shaken Barbara D’Urso. Before closing the block dedicated to Basile, the host renewed her closeness to the athlete: “We gather around the family“.

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