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“I am underpaid by 400% by the Lakers, nobody calculates me”

by archysport

The Lakers signed an army of veterans for a rock-bottom price in the offseason, but after a few months, some players may be starting to regret their decision. For example, an interior feels that it does not touch enough for its true value.

Over time, many big names have to accept a lower salary to develop in teams that meet their ambitions. In Brooklyn, for example, Blake Griffin is only making $ 2 million this season, which may not seem like much for a multiple All-Star player who has already taken on the role of franchise player. The same is true of LaMarcus Aldridge, yet the author of a very good start to the season.

And in this little game, the Lakers are perhaps the best. Last season for example, they managed to attract an Andre Drummond freshly released by the Cavaliers for 3 times nothing. And it is a strategy used again this summer when signing Carmelo Anthony, Malik Monk or DeAndre Jordan. Rob Pelinka relies on low-cost experience to aim for the title.

Dwight Howard questions his salary at the Lakers

And if the players sign in their heart and soul, agree to take less to be able to play the title, they also know that their value is not fully respected. In a fascinating interview with the site GQ, Dwight Howard shared his feelings about his financial situation. Concretely, he thinks he deserves 400% more than what he currently receives, just that.

In Charlotte I had incredible statistics, I was in my 14th season, and suddenly I was traded? Stories came out saying I was a bad teammate and cancer in the locker room. It’s like somebody is willingly going out all this stuff to lower my value in the eyes of my employers. And because I don’t respond to these rumors people think they are true.

My estimate for this season makes it clear that I’m 400% underpaid by the Lakers. People keep saying I’m like this or that. I know you can’t please everyone and that I’ll always be the bad guy from someone’s point of view. But how can I go from being the best person in the world in Orlando, the player who smiled too much, to this? When did things change?

Dwight Howard is only touching the minimum veteran this season, as he has been for some time now, and according to him that doesn’t reflect his true worth. He estimates he deserves 400% more, or about $ 8 million per season. That’s a lot for 4.9 points and 4.6 rebounds on average in 13 minutes.

Dwight Howard pense merit more than his 2 million per season, which means for a player with such a record and such prestige. Unfortunately, to play the title, this is the only offer available. Next season, he may demand more, but in a less well-armed team.

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