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Humiliated for a viral photo of his legs, KD responds and insults!

by archysport

Kevin Durant rarely keeps his tongue in his pocket, let alone when his person is targeted. Recently, pictures of his legs have made many people laugh on Twitter… and it did not please the Net at all, which kicked off in return.

This is nothing new, Kevin Durant is not the most obvious interlocutor on social networks. The Brooklyn winger is known for his sometimes devastating outings, especially when he used his secret account to ignite opponents. If he has since stopped, that does not prevent him from losing his calm on occasion, especially when it comes to his physique.

This has not failed recently, following a photo published by the magazine SLAM. While the latter focused on the shoes of the double champion, Internet users have mainly retained the color of his skin, which looked cracked. The post immediately went viral, with some releasing incendiary punchlines against the Slim Reaper:

Kevin Durant mocked for his skin problems

Why does her legs look like a broken screen protector?

I have eczema and my skin has never been so ashy

(Bad) joking aside, the visual rendering of Durantula’s skin is indeed disturbing, and possibly a real skin problem. What is certain is that he did not like the comments at all following the post. As usual, he responded on his Twitter account, and without holding back. The message is short, but intensely savagely:

I am not far from playing the “You are all poor” card. Go fuck each other.

For once, it’s hard to blame Kevin Durant, who may well be suffering from a skin disease. Making fun of that is not really a brilliant idea, especially when you know the temper of the guy on social networks.

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