How Desmond Bane went from the Grizzlies to one of the biggest draft steals in years

Desmond Bane was a valuable player at the Memphis Grizzlies from the start, and in the new season he is preparing to become even more. The grizzlies shouldn’t have gotten the 23-year-old at all.

Every general manager in the NBA makes decisions that he would like to take back later, especially if he stays in office for a long time. This is inevitable in a sport, no matter how carefully and conscientiously you plan your steps. Even the best HR professionals are not immune to wrong decisions.

Danny Ainge stayed in office for a very long time for the conditions of this job – from 2003 until last summer he worked in the front office of the Celtics or headed it. He made good decisions, built the 2008 championship team, traded the 2017 # 1 pick (Markelle Fultz) for Jayson Tatum and another lottery pick.

But he too had his dropouts. You don’t have to go back long to find a glaring example – the 2020 draft. At that time, Ainge and his team made a decision that looked bad at the moment and hasn’t gotten any nicer since then. Why did Boston Desmond Bane let himself go by the rags?



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