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Hools in Frankfurt: Antwerp feared violence in Europa League game | hessenschau.de

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After the attack by Eintracht supporters on a bar in Belgium, the people of Antwerp are probably seeking revenge. The police assume that hundreds of problem fans have arrived. Belgian media report from the Frankfurt Christmas market as a meeting point.

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In terms of sport, the game of Frankfurter Eintracht and Royal Antwerp should be a big festival. In particular, the Hessians hope to be able to celebrate their early group victory with a victory and thus their place in the round of 16. The Frankfurt police, on the other hand, are less in a celebratory mood.

Antwerp are said to have looked for allies

According to information from hr-sport, the officials on site are on the lookout. The reason: There are fears of revenge actions by Royal supporters: At the away game in Antwerp, Eintracht Frankfurt supporters dismantled a bar.

Belgian and Dutch media also write of “feared acts of revenge” by the Antwerp hools. As FootballFirst reports, the Antwerp thugs want to “return the favor” together with allied groups from Belgium and the Netherlands. The portal was already well informed during the riots in Antwerp.

Over 2,000 Belgians in the city

According to the Frankfurt police, around 2,200 Belgian fans have tickets for the game in Frankfurt (9 p.m., in the audio live stream at hr-iNFO) got hold of. A few dozen more will make their way to Frankfurt without a ticket – and quite a few of them are said to be after a riot.

According to information from hr-sport, Antwerp “problem fans” have also asked Liege fans for support. However, it is not known whether the Standard fans traveled to Frankfurt with them. The Liège are said to be angry about a dispute in 2019 when Eintracht and Standard clashed in the Europa League. A spokesman for the Antwerp police did not want to comment on the situation when asked.

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Holger alone in the Antwerp block

The story of Holger shows that Eintracht and Antwerp fans can get along well with each other. The Eintracht fan from Kronberg traveled to Belgium for the first leg and ultimately watched the game in the Antwerp fan block. You can find the full story here.

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Frankfurt Christmas market as a meeting point

“The Frankfurt Christmas market has already been identified as the meeting point for Antwerp residents,” says Voetball Primeur. Many buses from Belgium are said to have been parked nearby. The German and Belgian police are therefore in close coordination with each other in the procedure. In Frankfurt, the market has also been identified as a possible meeting place for the Belgians.

“We are well prepared,” said a spokesman for the Frankfurt police in an interview with hr-sport on Wednesday, still relaxed. The officials would show an increased presence at critical points in the city. This also seems to be urgently needed so that the scenes of violence from Antwerp do not repeat themselves in Frankfurt.

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