Honda loses to JR East Tohoku in the opening match against the city in the first round of the previous year’s champion for the third consecutive year | Full-Count

This year’s winter will be held again, and the cheering battle will be revived for the first time in two years.

The 92nd Intercity Baseball Tournament, which competes for the pinnacle of adult baseball, opened at Tokyo Dome on the 28th. In the opening round, Honda, who won the tournament last year and participated in the recommendation, played against JR East Tohoku and lost 3-5. The champion of the previous year will disappear in the first round for the third consecutive tournament, following JFE East Japan last year and Osaka Gas two years ago.

In the 7th inning, which was tied at 2-2, JR East Tohoku won the game with a long hit. Outfielder Seiho Suzuki of “3rd center fielder” hits a double run home base in the middle left from the first base without death, and after 1 death, catcher Shinjiro Ishii of “5th DH” (reinforced by the center fielder) hits the center fielder directly. The second base hitter, followed by Satoshi Anzai outfielder also hit the center fielder in a timely manner and scored a total of three goals.

Honda started the starting pitcher, Koshin Katayama, but dropped out with one goal in the third inning and took a succession plan. In the 4th inning, which was preempted by 1 point, Shogo Inoue won the outfielder’s tournament No. 1 solo, but the following pitcher was caught. In JR East Tohoku, the good pitching of starting pitcher Yuei Takemoto was shining.

Due to the influence of the Tokyo Olympics, this tournament will be held from summer to winter every year. After taking measures against the infection of the new coronavirus, the support battle with the appearance of brass bands and cheerleaders, which can be said to be the specialties of the tournament, has been revived for the first time in two years.

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