Home judo Homecourt. Sébastien Pierson, an archer and a deserving volunteer

Homecourt. Sébastien Pierson, an archer and a deserving volunteer

by archysport

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But aware that success must be shared, Sébastien wanted to become one of the coaches of the homecourt club. President Jacky Loess is delighted and full of praise for his foal: “Calm, always attentive, spirit of initiative, daring. He is a quality person coupled with an extraordinary trainer ”.

Thanks to his exceptional results, Sébastien was also able to access the very selective training of federal coach. He perfectly combines his personal training and the time devoted to others.

The mayor Jean Toniolo and Fahrid Benalouache, councilor delegated to the sports presented to Sébastien the diploma of Honor of the Meritorious Volunteer of the city of Homécourt.

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