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Highest ProA victory: Seawolves defy bad luck with injuries and clearly put Paderborn in their place

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With the seventh win in a row, the Rostock Seawolves once again demonstrated their strong form on Saturday evening. The Wolves won against Uni Baskets Paderborn with 107: 68 (48:30) and thus celebrated the clearest victory in the 2. Basketball Bundesliga ProA in their history with a difference of 39 points. The bad luck with injuries returned to the Hanseatic city. Rostock had to do without its two centers Gabriel de Oliveira and Till Gloger. While the former was already successfully operated on on the foot, Gloger broke his hand on Thursday. It is questionable whether the duo will be able to return to the record this year.

But even without de Oliveira and Gloger, the Seawolves delivered. Michael Jost, Rob Montgomery and Sid-Marlon Theis, who hobbled on the bench with his hand on his knee during the game, but came back later, took over the role under the basket. “We didn’t have much time to adjust to this situation. But we did well, ”said Seawolves coach Christian Held, who spoke of an“ outstanding job ”of his team,“ especially mentally ”.

Paderborn arrived with the minimum number of eight players in the squad, and was also unable to train as a team during the week, revealed Florian Held, interim head coach at Uni Baskets and brother of the Rostock coach, after the game. All precautionary measures against the corona virus, which had spread in the team and first washed Held into the role of head coach. “You have to see it this way: We started and did our job. No reproach to the boys. ”So the joy of seeing brother Christian again faded into the background. “During the handshake after the game, Florian expressed my appreciation. No team would have done it better under these conditions, ”the Rostock hero tried to cheer up his younger relatives.


Wolves get rolling quickly

Again it took just under a minute and a half until the Rostockers made the first point of the game, but Jordan Roland turned the early 3-0 deficit at first single-handedly. Afterwards, the guests didn’t hit a throw for almost five minutes, the Seawolves were able to pull away to 17: 5 (7th). Tyler Nelson and Nijal Pearson ran hot, Montgomery, however, scored rebounds like other points during this phase. After the first quarter the wolves were leading by 22:13.

In the second quarter Paderborn had slowly stabilized, but shortly before half-time Rostock was able to extend their lead. Homemade Svante Schmundt also got time to play – for the first time in the first half, which the hosts finished with almost 50 points (48:30).

Loesing makes the 100 full

Because the wolves didn’t let up in the third quarter and won it with 28:14, Coach Held was able to give the youngsters a chance and replace the 17-year-old Chidera Azodiro, who immediately got his first litter in professional business from the Drei-Punkt -Line sat and sunk. In the last few minutes, Held even let him play with Azodiro and Schmundt, the two youth players, on the same record.

Brad Loesing broke the 100 point mark a good two minutes before the end – for the first time in the season. 2000 spectators attended the spectacle.

Seawolves: Montgomery 13, Nelson 15, Schmundt 2, Carter 8, Azodiro 5, Ilzhöfer 3, Roland 18, Theis 15, Jost 2, Pearson 18, Loesing 8

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