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Here are Tsonga’s new foals!

by archysport

Three years after its launch by BNP Paribas, in association with the French Tennis Federation, the “Team BNP Paribas Young Talents” program intended to support the next generation of French tennis and sponsored by Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, is gaining ground with new ambitions .

The Arthur Cazaux, Luca Van Assche and other Diane Parry are joined by new talents. Propelled to the doors of the high level within the framework of this program, these three great hopes of our tennis showed the way to younger players who were presented this Tuesday at Roland-Garros. By joining the program, they will benefit, like their elders, from financial assistance and human support to prepare them for the challenges of the professional world of tennis. And if they are now 25 young people (they were twenty before: ten girls and as many boys, and the program should increase to 30 young people by 2024) to constitute the list of these talents aged from 12 to 18 years old, the program has new ambitions, with an ever more involved sponsor Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

Bartoli is also part of the team!

The former world number 5 spared no efforts on Tuesday when exchanging balls with all these young people amazed to be around their idol. At his side, a steering committee will be responsible for monitoring the development of young people, supporting and advising them on an ad hoc basis or throughout the year. Nicolas EscudĂ©, the DTN, Paul-Henri Mathieu, high level director at the FFT, Thierry Ascione, Pauline Parmentier, Emilie Loit and Marion Bartoli are thus involved, to the great pleasure of the Director of Partnerships and Sponsorship at BNP Paribas, Vincent-Baptiste Cloison. “The positive feedback we have had from young people and families, the results obtained since the launch of the program as well as the virtuous collaboration with Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and the FFT confirm our idea of ​​accelerating our contribution to the next generation of high-level tennis. “

Moretton: “A magnificent opportunity for these hopes of French tennis”

Gilles Moretton, the president of the FFT, clearly shows his support for this program intended to support these emerging champions and advise them in areas as important as media training, nutrition, the ecosystem of professional tournaments or the importance of mental. “The French Tennis Federation is very proud to continue with BNP Paribas the great adventure“ Team BNP Paribas Young Talents ”. This program is indeed a magnificent opportunity for these hopes of French tennis (who were entitled from Tuesday to two training: one on social networks, the other on the history of tennis). I am convinced that Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, sponsor of this program, will continue to use all his experience in supporting these young people ”. To see the communicative pleasure of Manceau for his young godchildren, the new boss of French tennis can even be already convinced.

The new team “Team BNP Paribas Young Talents)
The 15 young people who were already part of the 2020-2021 Team
Geoffrey Jasiak – Born 17/10/1992 (29 years old) – wheelchair tennis
ZoĂ© Maras – Born 11/10/2001 (20 years old) – wheelchair tennis
Luca Van Assche – Né le 11/05/2004 (17 years)
Jenny Lim, Born 01/17/2005 (16 years old)
Antoine Ghibaudo – Born on 01/25/2005 (16 years old)
Emma Jouy – Born on 02/11/2005 (16 years old)
Loan Lestir – Born 09/02/2005 (16 years old)
Gabriel Debru – Born on 12/21/2005 (15 years old)
LĂ©o Cohen-Bacrie – Born 02/09/2006 (15 years old)
Sarah Iliev – Born 03/10/2006 (15 years old)
Beverley Nyangon – Born 03/01/2007 (14 years old)
Shanice Roignot – Born 05/01/2007 (14 years old)
Yoshka Sborowsky – NĂ© le 12/01/2007 (14 ans)
Enzo Pierrot – Born on 01/16/2007 (14 years old)
Louna Zoppas – Born 03/12/2007 (14 years old)

The 10 new
Astrid Lew Yan Foon, born 08/15/2005 (16 years old)
Mathilde NGijol Carre, born on 10/27/2007 (14 years old)
Ophélie Boullay, born 03/25/2008 (13 years old)
Daphnée Mpetshi Perricard, born on 11/21/2008 (13 years old)
Elisa Rohrbach, born 05/01/2009 (12 years old)
Guilhem Laget, born on 04/30/1998 (23 years old) – disabled sport
Arthur Gea, born 02/01/2005 (16 years old)
Romain Andres, born 03/13/2007 (14 years old)
Antonin Witz, born 07/01/2008 (13 years old)
Lenny Couturier, born 10/20/2008 (13 years old)

NB: Giulia Morlet (19 years old), Arthur Cazaux (19 years old), Diane Parry (19 years old), Elsa Jacquemot (18 years old) and Max Westphal (18 years old) can always benefit from the human support and the resources of the team (seminars, exchanges, training …)

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