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He can’t open his eyes

by archysport

Alan Schmitt, former judoka and coach of the French team, was arrested on charges of domestic violence against Olympic gold medalist Margaux Pinot.

A bad story of violence has shocked French sport. Margaux Pinot gold medal in the Judo team competition of the last Tokyo Olympics, she was the victim of domestic violence by her partner and former coach and member of the men’s team Alain Schmitt. This is what police sources and the Bobigny prosecutor’s office revealed, with the man who was arrested on the night between Sunday and Monday following an emergency call from a neighbor, where he had found refuge. the 27-year-old who ended up in the hospital.

According to the reconstruction included in the complaint, everything happened in the municipality of Blanc-Mesnil, in Seine-Saint-Denis. Alain Schmitt, returning from an evening and apparently in a state of intoxication (as revealed by police sources), went to the Pinot house with which he allegedly had a “hidden” relationship. Here arose a discussion about Schmitt’s future that the next day he would have to leave for Israel where he would have to start his new adventure as the coach of the women’s judo team. From words to deeds, after the man declared: “I’ll make machines out of them. Girls who will smash you on the tatami “.

Schmitt angered by Pinot’s disappointed reaction (the discussion turned into a quarrel) grabbed her and threw her to the ground, hitting her in the face with a series of punches. The 27-year-old tried to oppose (as shown later by the torn shirt), and after freeing herself, with her face and hair stained with blood, she took refuge from a neighbor who called the police as aforementioned. Alan Schmitt ended up in prison for about 48 hours and will be tried on Tuesday before the Bobigny Court. Margaux Pinot was taken to Bobigny’s Avicenne hospital with a prognosis of 8 days. As reported by RMC Sport “he can’t even open his eyes“because of the blows received by Schmitt.

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