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After five NBA finals and three championships, injuries, separations and the reality of life, the Golden State Warriors have risen from their ashes like a phoenix this season. We can’t say that the glorious dynasty is back for the warriors, but they made a bright 11-2 start to the season where the favorites faltered. Role players who were not attractive to most teams were included in the transfer period. These names were old, severely injured, but suitable for the Warriors’ game intelligence, outside shooting, passing ability, and think fast, act quickly system. Golden State profited from this choice. For example, Nemanja Bjelica, who is 33 years old and is said to be returning to Europe due to lack of athleticism. The Serbian basketball player may not be able to keep up with the Warriors’ fast game physically, but he makes up for the gap with his basketball intelligence. With his shooting and elite passing ability, he makes a significant contribution to the Warriors’ ball circulation, and the short five’s #5 penalizes buried defenses with 1.2 three points per game. Bjelica fits all this in 15 minutes. A great contribution in a short time. Andre Igoudala, who spent the last two seasons on the loose, is another name that came back to life with the Warriors. Although the 37-year-old basketball player, who is one of the important names of the legendary team and was selected as the MVP of the finals in the 2015 championship, remains low in terms of score, he manages to fill most of the statistics sheet with his contribution to rebounds, assists and aggressive defense. An important contribution considering his age. Otto Porter JR, who missed 100 games in the last two years, came back to life with the Golden State jersey. It does a good job in the painted area with the help of outside shooting and rebounds. He could also play as the center of the short five, but Coach Steve Kerr is not in that role for now. Gary Payton JR, who is trying to hold on to the NBA with 10-day and non-permanent contracts, makes a different contribution than other names. The stiffness problem experienced in the guard position due to the physical weakness of Stephen Curry and Jordan Poole was partially overcome with Payton JR’s return to rotation. The 1.91 meter basketball player is not considered skilled in assists and shooting. He scores mostly with his piercing and has a genetic richness for his short defence. Payton JR, the son of the legendary “The glove” Gary Payton, received the award for this performance with the highest contract of his career for 1 year, $ 1.6 million. Payton JR may have found a permanent home with the Warriors with his defensive performance

Jordan Poole, an old man, had a significant break this year. Placed in the top 5 with an average of 17.5 points and micro Curry performance, Poole managed to become the team’s second scorer. When Klay returns, his time and ball handling will drop a bit, but I expect him to perform similarly from the bench. Andrew Wiggins, who turned into a two-way player by adapting to the team culture last year, shows the same stability this season. Wiggins adds to the score with an average of 17.2. Damien Lee with his double-digit score contribution and Juan Toscana Anderson with his versatile game are the other names in the rotation. Inheriting the legendary squad, Draymond Green is the team’s secretary of defense. He continues to get technical fouls that get out of control from time to time, but he puts his heart into defending the painted area. His averages of 7.9 points, 8.3 rebounds and 7.2 assists are the statistical explanation of how valuable Draymond is. And Stephen Curry…the egoless superstar. Playing at MVP standards, the 33-year-old basketball player is everything for the team with 28.4 points, 6.3 rebounds and 6.4 assists per game. Curry has another effect that cannot be explained by numbers. Great threat to opposing defences. Whether he has the ball or not, they are focusing on Curry with double or even triple compressions. This situation causes names such as Bjelica, Poole, Wiggins, Lee, Porter, Igoudala to have free shots. Curry’s mere presence is a major threat to the opposing defences. If we consider all of this, with 40% percent shooting 5.3 three-pointers per game, we can better understand how desperate it is to play against Curry.

The Warriors, whose individual statistics are bright, are also at the top of the league as a team. Warriors are the league leader in defensive efficiency and 2nd in offense. He is by far at the top of his stats to keep the opponent at the lowest shooting percentage. 16 three-pointers per game is another area where Golden State ranks first. For a team whose game is based on speed, turnover rates are reasonable.

Golden State achieved all of this with a roster that lacked Klay Thompson and James Wiseman, with talented rookies Jonathan Kuminga and Moses Moody missing from the rotation. Even if Klay Thompson returns at half capacity, Golden State will advance. Especially if James Wiseman can do the painted area defense, which he couldn’t do last year, even a little bit this year; In a season where the Lakers stumbled and Phoenix floundered, a new finale is hardly a dream. It would be exciting to watch the Curry-Durant duel, especially if the Nets come from the East.

He’s the leader now!

I’ve watched and loved Paul George since the Indiana Pacers days. He is a very, very special talent with his 2.06 height, being able to play 2,3,4 and defend, play like a playmaker, and shoot, punch and score above dribbling. Despite being so talented, his disappearance during the play-off period and his avoidance of taking responsibility in times of crisis, who could not handle the pressure, became a great player of easy moments for me. He gave an idea that he could be effective under pressure by taking full responsibility in the play-offs after Kawhi Leonard’s injury last season. This season is effective as if that idea will be permanent. The Clippers, who started the season with a score of 1-4, won 7 games in a row and said they are in the race. In this release, the lead role belongs to Paul George. George, who is the team leader in all these areas with 26.4 points, 7.9 rebounds, 5.3 assists per game, also acts as an offensive direction like the playmaker. If the Los Angeles Clippers can still be assertive despite Kawhi’s absence and the lack of a defender in the paint, it’s because of Paul George. He is now the leading actor of critical moments.

We were missing a teenage fight!

After the tension between Nikola Jokic and Markieff Morris, the brothers’ involvement in the incident and mutual threats were marked last week. What happens in the field is a situation we frequently encounter. The reason why it has grown so much is that the brothers are threatened on social media and NBA President Adam Silver ignores the threats and is content to fine Jokic 1 game and Butler and Markieff. This indifference can cause the event to take a revanchistic turn. Marcus and Jokic will face off in a Denver-Clippers game shortly after. Right after, we will watch the Markieff-Jokic fight in the Miami-Denver game. President Silver should warn that before these matches are played, he will impose heavy penalties if new tensions arise between the Markieff brothers and Jokic. Stay in the game. Adolescent quarrels are not the place of basketball courts.


There are many factors that make the NBA the most important organization in the world. The most important of these is respect for the opponent. The photo of Gregg Popovich, who is expected to quit coaching at the end of the season after the game played at Staples Center last night and the Lakers won 114-106, was shared with Anthony Davis on the Lakers official twitter account with the caption “endless respect”. The Serbian coach, who has repeatedly fought against the Lakers for the Western championship, led his team in many critical matches, especially with the squads played by Shaq and Kobe, with a high level of tension. Winning and losing are both part of the game. The important thing is to remember that this is a sport. The NBA is a world brand because it has this understanding.

If Fatih Terim and İrfancan Kahveci had a similar moment in the Galatasaray-Fenerbahçe match, which will be played at the weekend, would FB publish it on the official account with the title of “respect”? Or if Kerem Aktürkoğlu changes to Mesut Özil, whom he is probably a fan of, after the match, would GS share it with the title of “respect” on the official account? When we can answer “yes” to these questions, it means that we have overcome the vicious conflicts for Turkish sports. But today we are miles away from that point.



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