“Golden Generation” Giants Dora 2 who came late, “Lovely Small Words” that awakened Ryusei Yamada | Full-Count

Intercity Baseball Tournament on the 29th, losing 10 strikeouts halfway through the 8th inning and “graduating” from an amateur

Pitcher Ryusei Yamada (JR East), who was nominated for second place by the giant at the Professional Baseball Draft Conference in October, is in his third year of high school. It is the same “golden generation” as Osaka Toin’s Akira Neo infielder (Chunichi) and Kyota Fujiwara outfielder (Lotte) who won consecutive spring and summer championships at Koshien in 2018. In the first round of the Intercity Baseball Tournament held on the 29th, he started in the 8th inning and showed a strong effort to strike out 10 strikeouts, but lost 2-3 and graduated from amateur baseball. For the past two years as a member of society, there were several reasons for the “opening of the eyes” of the left arm, which was not possible to pitch at the national tournament.

Yamada overwhelmed the Honda Kumamoto batting line with a straight ball as the axis on the mound against the city for the first time. The straight straight from the left arm recorded the fastest 149 km, and took the missed swing one after another. A force to take 5 strikeouts by the 3rd inning. On the other hand, I couldn’t control the slider, and I noticed a scene where it came off. “The straight was thrown accurately, but the sliders were scattered. I wish I could fix it sooner …”. A little anxiety becomes a reality.

He lost 2 points in the 4th inning and was tied. In the 8th inning, he struck out two times in a row and then walked and hit the finals. Even after I got off the board, I cheered on my friends in the front row of the bench, but my dream of being the best in Japan did not come true. “Because it was the last tournament at JR … I’ve been aiming for the best in Japan so far. I’m sorry I couldn’t stand at the last minute,” he bit his lips.

Director Takeaki Hamaoka of JR East praised his power, saying, “I can’t blame him.” I think he did it well without blurring, “recalls the three years of training at JR.

What is your weapon? The reason for opening your eyes is to strengthen “concentration”




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