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Gina Adekambi’s ambitions for Togolese basketball

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Things are moving at the top of the Togo National Basketball Federation (FNB). Since André Bivaina Goungou, outgoing President of the umbrella organization of this discipline announced that he is giving up his place, two people have already expressed their desire to occupy it. Ms. Gina Adekambi is the second candidate for the post. She has several projects to give a facelift to the discipline.

Gina Adekambi is a former player of the Aiglons, CBS and the Togolese national team. After having proven herself on the ground, she now wants, since the presidency of FNB-Togo, to help bring this sport high in her country. The former basketball player intends to embark on this conquest at the head of a list called Cohesion Basketball 2022-2024.

Second candidate for the presidency of the Togolese Basketball Federation, this 41-year-old woman is running for this election with ambitious plans. Gina Adekambi wants to bring renewal in this discipline, with particular emphasis on the female category. As reported by fellow Africa Top Sports, the former player explains wanting to revive women’s basketball “non-existent for several years”.

She, who started basketball in high school, wants to encourage young girls to take an interest in this discipline which, according to her, will promote their development. To do this, Gina Adekambi has certain means of action, including raising parents’ awareness to convince them to let their daughters play basketball.

Below, discover the main features of Gina Adekambi’s program:

1-Bring together all Togolese basketball players around a shared vision

2- Restructure clubs and leagues and Modernize their administration

3- establish transparency and participatory management of member clubs

4- rebuild basketball around the principles of good governance leading the federation towards empowerment

5- set up an information and brand image improvement system for the federation for more funding

6- Evaluate practices and establish a culture of excellence in all the workings of the federation

7- Adopt and establish a vast program of restructuring and development of clubs and leagues in the interior of the country

8- Develop grassroots basketball in all clubs and strengthen the competitiveness of senior male and female clubs through better training of coaches and other basketball players

9- Strengthen infrastructure and democratize basketball in schools and in all cities of Togo

10- Develop public and private partnerships and involve the diaspora in basketball development projects and programs in Togo.

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