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Fuxing Yaoyang City China Haval User Co-creation Conference Shines at Guangzhou Auto Show_Hebei News Network

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On November 20th, the Haval User Co-creation Conference with the theme of “Fuxing Yaoyang City” was held at the Guangzhou International Auto Show. At the press conference, the Haval brand reviewed the transcripts in 2021 in the four co-creation areas of products, services, word of mouth and business opportunities, and formally blew the user’s co-creation of the “Building Number”, and created users with 7 million Haval owners. Super ecological.

Create user brand Haval and user tide innovation environment

“Whoever insists on the user first, the user will be the first”, Zhang Mengyuan, deputy general manager of Haval brand marketing, said at the press conference that it is Haval who always adheres to the concept of “customer first, quality first, and service first” that makes Haval With the support of more than 7 million car owners, it has grown into the largest user-oriented brand in the SUV field. Haval not only needs to build a good car, but also seeks benefits for users and shares good business opportunities with users. Along the way, Haval has always insisted on user co-creation. Today’s report card should be attributed to users.

“Big Dog”, “Chitu” and other user-named models were born, which not only became an Internet celebrity event in the automotive circle, but also changed the relationship between cars and people. Cars are no longer just machines, but have personality. , A connotative partner.

Users like Liu Yan, Wu Xuanyi, and Guo Ailun, and Haval hired them as chief user officers to create together with users. Stars do not endorse products, but speak for users. X DOG launched a number of recruitment activities, such as Dachao Chuangying Camp and Beast Trainer, allowing more than 10,000 users to play with Havalchao to the end.

As the common home of Haval users, the Haval Zhijia APP has more than 3.2 million registered users and more than 300,000 daily active users. The total amount of reward points obtained by users through Haval Zhijia is more than 800 million. Participating in product co-creation, The scale of users in the circle of service co-creation, word-of-mouth co-creation and business opportunity sharing continues to expand. There is no doubt that in terms of building user brands, Haval brand and users have jointly handed over a beautiful user operation answer sheet in 2021.


Blowing the Zaofu assembly, the official announcement of the three core co-creation plans

At this co-creation conference, the Haval brand blew the new “Building Feast Rally” and officially announced the three core co-creation of the “Fuxing Project”, “Building Fuli Project”, and “Building Fuli Moving Plan”. plan.

The Fulsing Project aims to incubate more than 5,000 KOC celebrities, so that those who have dreams and talents stand out from the crowd and stand in the center of the stage to show themselves. The Haval brand design celebrity empowerment fund fully empowers users from the dimensions of online traffic, offline resources, training promotion, marketing planning, and point cash incentives, allowing users to become “Haval Internet celebrities” in their respective circles.

The Fuli plan will recruit and support car owners with commercial resources to become welfare sharing officers based on the needs of users in the fields of car use, car maintenance and car life, providing good benefits and sharing good business opportunities for 7 million Haval car owners; at the same time, it will cover travel , Sports, cute pet, finance, pan-entertainment, and local life, with 500 user rights, creating a super rights ecology for Haval users.

The Creative Action Plan is to create a wave of creative activities for users who like sports and love life, covering basketball, badminton, swimming, fencing, marathon and other sports fields, even in any field that users are interested in. In these activities, users can improve the physical and mental health of themselves and their family members, meet like-minded partners, and walk and play with users in every circle of interest.


As the first IP event of the “Creative Action Plan”, Mr. Lu Wenbin, CTO of Haval Brand, announced the official launch of the “Haval Owners National Basketball League” at the press conference, and presented jerseys and exclusive basketballs to the Guangzhou Yuefer Owners Basketball Team. The Haval Car Owners National Basketball League was launched on the Haval Zhijia APP. Users from 52 cities across the country enthusiastically signed up and formed 68 car owners basketball teams, covering five major competition areas in North China, South China, East China and Northeast China. The game will be broadcast live on the Haval Zhijia APP, and there will be more win-loss quizzes and call support.


C user station co-creation plan to make dreams come into reality

In this press conference, Haval Brand also invited representatives of car owners from all over the country to share their wonderful stories, offer suggestions for the brand, call on CALL, and witness the release of the three core co-creation plans.

Million-fan internet celebrity “Said Che Laomeier”, as a representative of the “Fuxing Project”, shared his unique “Internet celebrity development journey”. As the owner of Haval, she has met good friends and partners in the Haval family. Everyone thinks about ideas, shoots jokes, and cuts videos. Step by step, she turns her interest into a career. She has also grown into a female Internet celebrity in the car industry.

Mr. Rong Zhuo, who opened a refit shop, became a Harvard Welfare Sharing Officer this year. In his daily life, he runs his own modification shop. In his spare time, he likes to share his modification strategy and modification works on the Haval Zhijia APP. Due to the full amount of dry goods, he quickly became the star of Haval Zhijia. After becoming a welfare sharing officer this year, he has gained more traffic exposure support, his fans have increased, and his business has become more and more popular.

“Lao Jiu” is the head of the Haval Hong 9th Association. The current Che Youhui has gathered more than 30,000 Haval car owners, covering almost all provinces and cities across the country. We chat and play cars together, meet friends, self-driving adventures, and chases. Poetry and the distance; at the same time, the Hongjiu Association is also very keen on public welfare. During the epidemic, it volunteered to form a medical material delivery team in Wuhan. This year, the Henan floods also called on car friends to donate money and materials for emergency assistance, demonstrating the love and responsibility of Haval and Haval car owners. .

Booth Haval Jian, C user station. Empathy, co-creation and sharing, the dreams of more and more Haval users are being reflected in reality in the user co-creation plan.


At the Guangzhou International Auto Show, the Haval brand brought its new flagship model Haval Monster, the Haval H6 SUV top model, and the all-star lineup of popular models Haval Dog, Haval Chitu, Haval First Love, etc., and the stars shine in Yangcheng. The booth was overwhelmingly popular.

Haval always firmly believes, “Whoever insists on the user first, the user will let who be the first.” In 2022, the Haval brand will be guided by the three major user co-creation plans of “Building the Assemble Number”, adhere to the user-oriented concept, fully exert user operations, empathize, create, and share with users, and go to China for the future of Haval. The sea of ​​stars.

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