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The process of the game began very mixed and with low percentages. Something that the Hebraica team knew how to take advantage of very well, led by Ana Paz and Natasha Dolinsky to place a 9-0 in 4 minutes of play. Malvín’s first points came through a free kick from Florencia Somma. From that moment the ring was opened for the multi-champions who placed a 9-0 to equalize the score, with Somma and Carolina Fernández as figures. In addition, the shirts were able to take advantage of how quickly the Macabeo team was loaded with fouls to score from the line. The first quarter closed with equal 13 points per side.

The entrance of Martina Mariño allowed the Maccabean team to run at speed. For his part, Malvín once again had Brazilian Raphaella Marciano on the court to bring more weight to the paint and accompany Somma in the game with his back to the basket. In defense, Serdio’s team in defense showed a clear 2-3 zone, seeking to close the perimeter game of the Maccabean team, which thanks to a good collective game managed to move the ball from left to right until it found the hole and sent itself towards the hoop. The meeting did not have good percentages and marked a low score for the first 20 minutes. At the end of the quarter, Fiorella Martinelli appeared with two pumps to the direct heart of Macabi to pass through the minimum and close the first half 27-26 on top of the shirts.

The third started off as well, but this time from the hand of Joaquina Gregorio for the Camacuá street team. For their part, the shirts sought to attack the bass with Raphaella as the main weapon, taking fouls in each attempt to post. Luis Pierri sent Daiana Cartró to the field to try to control the Northerner, but the physical force that the foreigner was implementing was devastating, sometimes quadrupling the defense against Raphaella to contain her, with the risk of freeing several of the women. t-shirts. Ahead, the game of Dolinsky and Paz gave him goals abroad to keep a minimum distance on the scoreboard. The third quarter closed 47-42 in favor of Hebraica Macabi.

Malvín with a very fine sight from 6.75, with Carolina Fernández and Sabina Bello as the protagonists. And Sabina when the game was closed appeared from the perimeter to open 3 points away with an infernal bomb, which also brought a technical foul to Luis Pierri when he asked for the simulation of number 11. At that moment Ana Clara Paz appeared in Maccabi, attacking the rim twice and taking advantage of his great game in the post. Crazy endgame, game tied at 60 in the absence of 1:22, both teams went to the line with more errors than hits, leaving the game tied at 61. The last one was Macabi. With Ana Paz’s ball that dragged marks and when she saw Cartró alone under the hoop she did not hesitate and got a key assist, Cartró got off the ground and sent the ball inside on the buzzer to sentence on the scoreboard and make history by winning 63 to 61. In this way Hebraica gets into the definition for the first time and cuts a streak of 18 consecutive finals for Malvín.

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