Frida Maya, athlete from Tampico wins two gold medals in the Dominican Republic – El Sol de Tampico

The Tampico judoka Frida Maya Weinnman planted the Mexican flag in the Dominican Republic by obtaining two gold medals in the sub-15 category in up to -53 kilograms, and also in the Open Cup of the Caribbean, with which the athletes are proclaimed as the best in Latin America in its discipline within its stratum.

It was his second Pan American Judo

Frida Maya was in search of the podium in what was her second Pan American Judo in her sports career, after having been in the top five on her first occasion that she participated in a fair of this caliber, the athlete was accompanied by her mother Rosario Weinnman who was happy with what was achieved, in addition to playing an important role.

“Beto” Zamora took the podium

On the other hand, the Tampico judoka Alberto Zamora also managed to be on the podium of this Pan American Championship in the Dominican Republic by obtaining two bronze medals, the first in the sub 13 category and the second in the Open Cup of the Caribbean, this being his first experience international in his sports career.

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Judocas from Buenos Aires and Victorenses also competed

It is worth mentioning that the Buenos Aires athletes Víctor Calzada and Rafael García also managed to develop very good performances on the tatami, showing at the same time a high level of judo; The manager of this Tamaulipas team was the coach Cecilia Martínez, in which the Victorians Kevin Lara and Sebastián Pérez also participated.

Athletes will arrive at Tamaulipas happy with what was done in the Pan American in the Dominican Republic, with the goal set in the next Judo tournaments that they have in door, for this they will need to continue training in their gyms in charge of their coaches, who have also done an excellent job with everyone.




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