FORMULA 1 ONLINE: Drama at the Brazilian Grand Prix! Bottas takes the lead again

The winner of Saturday’s sprint Valtteri Bottas from Mercedes will start from the first place in the Brazilian Grand Prix, Max Verstappen from Red Bull will take second place, and Carlos Sainz from Ferrari will take third. Defending champion Lewis Hamilton starts from tenth place. The race starts at 18:00, you can watch it in a detailed online report from 18:00.

Ricardo Moraes, Reuters

Defending champion Lewis Hamilton demonstrated a big chase in Saturday’s sprint, who dropped from first place at the start to the last position due to disqualification. The seven-time world champion eventually finished fifth.

However, after the penalty for unauthorized engine replacement, he will be in tenth place at the start. For Hamilton, this means a complication in the fight for the eighth title, which would bounce back Michael Schumacher at the head of the historical order.

Formula 1 sprint in Brazil dominated Bottas! Verstappen increased the lead in the World Cup

If he loses 24 or more points to the leader Verstappen in the second place after the Grand Prix of Brazil, he will no longer have the defense in his own hands, because then he may not even have enough victory in the three remaining races.




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