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Former NFL Michael Strahan to travel to space

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Billionaire Jeff Bezos will organize, for the third time, a short trip to space for “space tourists”. The man behind Amazon is widely criticized for these space adventures due to the astronomical costs of simply floating weightlessly for a few minutes above the earth. On the other hand, he emphasizes that the Blue Origin project is a step towards human achievement in space in order to benefit the longevity of the earth.

In short, Bezos himself was on the first trip and actor William Shatner was on the second. For the third adventure, four paying tourists will be in the rocket in addition to two all-expense guests paid for by Bezos: Michael Strahan and Laura Shepard Churchley.

A Super Bowl ring and a trip to space

Michael Strahan was first known in the NFL while patrolling the New York Giants’ defensive line. He won the Super Bowl with the team as the Giants caused a surprise by knocking down the mighty Patriots after their perfect 2007 season. Strahan hung up his boots a few months after this triumph when he was in fifth place. history for quarter sacks.

After his athletic career and his Hall of Fame induction, Strahan made the transition to television, but not as a “player-nalist,” but rather as a service show host. He’s caught on and today he’s been at the helm of Good Morning America, one of America’s most popular shows for years.

Strahan, therefore, is invited by Bezos and he confirmed it all on TV. He also confirmed that he would give the financial compensation he will receive to the Boys and Girls of America foundation.

Laura Shepard Churchley is the eldest daughter of Allan Shepard, the first American in space.

The remainder of the trip will consist of four tourists, and each seat is rumored to come with a bill of $ 28 million.

The rocket takes off on December 9 and it is assumed that Strahan will share his story afterwards on a TV set.

via the Daily Mail

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