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Football Manager 2022 hits 1 million players

by archysport

Football Manager 2022 has been played by over 1 million users. Game director Miles Jacobson says he’s the franchise’s best-ever brand at this time of year.

Through Twitter, Miles Jacobson shared the brand, thanking the community for their support. When asked about the comparison with other titles in the franchise, Jacobson was peremptory: “FM22 is the one with the most players at this point”, guaranteed the director.

This means that a Football Manager game has never had so many players two weeks after its release – FM22 hit online stores on November 9th.

Miles Jacobson further confirms that the game’s presence on the Xbox Game Pass since launch has helped boost the numbers.

For now, the latest installment of the franchise still has a few more records to break. According to SteamDB, Football Manager 2020 was the one that registered the highest number of players simultaneously – 189 464. But we remember that this record came during a pandemic, and the game was available for free for several days on Steam. Football Manager 2021 has registered a maximum of 93 865 competing players, while the maximum for Football Manager 2022, for now, is 81,446.

You can read our review of Football Manager 2022 here, to see why it has captivated so many players.

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