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FC Bayern: Annual general meeting in the live ticker – How will it be for Kahn? – Bundesliga

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First appearance by the new Bayern boss. Oliver Kahn (52) speaks matter-of-factly and soberly at the annual general meeting in front of a mini-backdrop (780 members). It’s 32 minutes of Kahn light!

Of the team, only Leroy Sané (25 / gone again after an hour) and coach Julian Nagelsmann (34) are there. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (66) has to cancel at short notice. The ex-chairman should have been honored, but the current corona situation is too risky for him.

The stimulus issues were clear in advance: The corona and vaccination chaos and the fan noise because of the Qatar sponsorship.

At 9.11 pm, Kahn enters the lectern.


Kahn on Corona trouble (five players in quarantine): “So that this nightmare finally becomes a bad memory, it is the best way to get vaccinated! With this attitude we do persuasive work every day. Of course also with our employees and players. “

The Bayern boss about the unvaccinated professional Joshua Kimmich (26): “He’s an absolutely world-class player who gives everything for the club and the team. Corona leads to insecurity for many people in the world. I don’t see any reason why it should be any different with footballers. Unfortunately he got infected yesterday. Fortunately, he’s fine. We hope that he will come back quickly. “


Member Michael Ott (28) wanted to submit a motion to vote on the Qatar sponsorship. The club did not allow the application in advance. In the hall, too, Ott is put off for the time being when he presents his request. There is loud applause from the members.

But: Even after that, Ott’s spontaneous application is rejected again. Vice-President Mayer explains: “Do you want us to vote on Audi at the end of the day, or whether we play in the blue and white jersey?” The hall is boiling. Loud boos from all corners! Interjection from a woman: “The problem is that you don’t give a shit about human rights!” Big applause!


“data-zoom-src =” https://bilder.bild.de/fotos/oliver-kahn-am-bayern-rednerpult-9028b37ee3794ba796a40d146f902f61-78357214/Bild/12.bild.jpg “/>

Oliver Kahn at the Bayern lecternPhoto: CHRISTOF STACHE / AFP

And Kahn? He never once used the word Qatar in his speech!

The Bayern boss buzzes around: “We welcome that and share that, this increasing commitment of the fans to advocate for social issues.”

But there is also applause for Kahn. About the failed Super League, he says: “That would have been the end of football as we know it.”

It gets a lot more emotional beforehand. President Herbert Hainer on the Qatar fan noise: “We as an association face every discourse …” The members see differently. There is a loud whistle concert for dealing with Qatar …



  1. Hoeneß: “Worst event!”

    Uli Hoeneß goes to the desk, but then doesn’t speak. As he leaves, he says: “That was the worst event I have ever seen at FC Bayern!”

  2. “We are Bavaria, and you are not!”

    Total chaos now! The fans roar the board and the presidium: “We are Bayern and you are not.”

  3. Hainer-out calls …

    Hainer wants to finish speaking. Wild excitement in the hall. Call out Hainer! The whole hall is screaming …

  4. Closing remarks by Hainer and Kahn on Qatar

    President Hebert Hainer replied to Weinreich’s request to speak: “I still believe that dialogue is the best way to bring people together. We have nowhere near decided whether to continue with Qatar, or vice versa. We will fulfill the contract, but the time has not yet been decided. “

    Kahn: “The contract runs until 2023. We have clear criteria by which we align partnerships. There are compliance requirements that we are looking at closely. We will do the same with Qatar Airways. There are things where we need to develop further. Basically, the dialogue is to be conducted. Dialogue is better than excluding and excluding. “

  5. Request to speak on Qatar

    Member Weinreich is now talking about Qatar, criticizing Bavaria’s behavior in terms of human rights. Nothing has happened in terms of dialogue for several years. “Round tables” were announced again and again, but never took place. Hainer warns to come to an end. The speaker: “I think this is a topic that moves people here!” Big applause in the hall. Boos against Hainer! Weinreich concludes: “If we take financial fair play seriously, it can’t be such a big loss to go without Qatar Airways.” Because then another sponsor would also pay a market price … Thundering applause, standing ovations!

  6. Now it’s about Gladbach and the 0: 5

    A member of the lectern complained that they were eliminated from the DFB Cup twice in a row. And there would be a “Gladbach Syndrome”. He calls for “tigers in the tank” against the foals. It’s all a matter of the head. The foal must be terrified. The rabbit in front of the queue is also tried hard. And Jogi Löw. For whatever reason. Oh well. At least Nagelsmann listens with great interest.

  7. Applications through, anger in the hall!

    The point applications is through, quite a few are calling for the Qatar application. Vice Mayer repeatedly soured that it will not be voted on. Boos en masse, the hall is raging!

  8. Feinauer’s proposal is accepted

    The next application comes from member Feinauer, the commitment to human rights in its wording. 639 members vote for the motion, 88 against the motion, so it is accepted. Big cheers in the hall.

  9. Now comes the requests to speak

    President Herbert Hainer announced the requests to speak as the last item on the agenda. “There are many,” he says, and asks the speakers to limit themselves to three minutes.

  10. Nagelsmann nor da

    Even after four and a half hours, coach Julian Nagelsmann is still with the JHV. It lasts a long time …

  11. Application refused!

    The three-quarters majority is barely achieved and the application is rejected. Lucky for the bosses. Without the consent of the members they would otherwise not have been able to sell any further shares in the club to partners / investors!

  12. Vote on (the other) Ott proposal

    A vote is taken on Michael Ott’s proposal. The point is that the general assembly of FC Bayern must approve as soon as the shares or voting rights of the association in the AG fall below 75%. So far the limit is 70 percent. The bosses had argued against the request. The majority for it!

  13. Kahn speaks again

    It’s about the percentage of ownership (70/75%). Kahn: “You have now seen how quickly you can get into trouble even as a Bavarian. One way of getting out of there is something that would help us. It’s not about looking for investors. If we are, then we are the partners who help the club. My appeal: We need this opportunity because we don’t know today what the club will be facing. ” Big noise in the hall, many heckling …

  14. Modification of the statutes rejected

    In the vote, the amendment to the statutes is rejected – probably also a little out of protest because of the anger over the abandonment of the Qatar application!

  15. Now it’s going to be wild!

    Mayer explains: “Do you want us to also vote on Audi in the end, or whether we play in the blue and white jersey?” The hall is boiling. Loud boos from all corners!

    Interjection from a woman: The problem is that you don’t give a shit about human rights! ”Big applause !!

  16. Mayer rejects the Ott application

    Mayer is hiding behind the court ruling by the Munich Regional Court: “I will not allow us to vote on illegal motions here. You are welcome to boo. “

  17. Partial success for Ott

    A request from Ott to change some sentences in the articles of association is successful and should be changed, the request for the 75% stake in the AG is turned off. For the time being, it’s not about Qatar.

  18. Now it’s about changing the club statutes

    The club wants to be more modern and to bring some new values ​​into the club statutes.

  19. Reassurance …

    Ott is off the stage for the time being, now calm has returned: It’s about virtual general meetings ….

  20. Another Ott proposal

    Michael Ott also applies for another application: The eV should continue to hold 75% instead of 70% in Bayern München AG, so that investors do not have too much influence and one is at their mercy. Much applause for that too!

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