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Eric Abidal asks his wife for forgiveness on Instagram after…

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Former FC Barcelona player Éric Abidal has gone through the dust on Instagram for his wife Hayet Abidal. She wants to divorce him after it became known that he was having an affair with recently beaten PSG player Kheira Hamraoui. “Forgive me. Whatever your decision, you will remain the woman of my life in my eyes.”

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He continues: “And especially the mother of our wonderful children. I deserve this humiliation, even if it kills me alive. One day you will forgive me.#loveyoutothemonandback.”

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A few days ago, Hayet would have indicated that he wanted to divorce Éric, the ex-player of FC Barcelona, ​​among others. This follows a series of events, in which Éric and Hayet will soon be interrogated in an investigation into the attack on Hamraoui.



Hamraoui was attacked by masked men in early November. The investigation first led to teammate Aminata Diallo, but in the meantime Éric Abidal – then technical director at PSG – seems to be the main suspect in the file.

It is unclear whether Diallo is still a suspect, but she has since indicated that a smear campaign has started around her name and has denied accusations about the attack. In the meantime, it appears that the chip in Hamraoui’s mobile phone was in Abidal’s name. Confronted with that finding, the former left-back confessed to his wife Hayet that he had had an affair with Hamraoui. The affair dates back to the period when Abidal was director at FC Barcelona and Hamraoui also played for Barca.

Abidal and his wife are now being questioned by the investigating judge in Versailles. Abidal’s wife is not suspected of the attack, her lawyer says. But Hayet already started the divorce proceedings. Abidal’s lawyer declined to comment at this stage of the investigation.

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