Ensures a direct pass to the Liguilla Club León with a score of 3-0

Guanajuato /

The whole of the fair takes the victory tonight and ensures his pass to Liguilla thanks to Víctor Dávila who with a triplet, managed to get León to a home win after five home losses.

Necaxa started by getting the ball from the midfield, in the first minute the player Santiago Colombatto suffered from his left ankle and then Ariel Holan sent to warm up Fernando Navarro to enter the substitution at minute 3 ‘.

In the 9th minute, León had his first corner kick that didn’t worry Ángel Malagón.

It was in a play where León took the ball and managed to get closer to Malagón’s goal and put the score 1-0 thanks to Víctor Dávila who at minute 21 ‘managed to put the Fiera in the lead.

In the first 45 ‘minutes, a calm León could be seen making touches on the entire pitch, looking for Víctor Dávila to head the ball in the goal of Necaxa without being able to specify.

In the 40th minute, Ángel Mena managed to put the ball into Malagón’s goal, but he scored an offside and the goal was automatically disallowed.

Despite the pressure that the opposition put against the Esmeraldas during the first half, it was not enough.

In the second half Rayos made his first change, came out with number 10 Nahuel Salas and Jesús Escobar entered with number 22. Adrián Guede tried to make his team face the goal of the national team, Rodolfo Cota, but it was only a single play the one they had of danger, nothing that the defense of the Lion could not control.

In the 51st minute, Víctor Dávila was present again, who with a double put León 2-0, securing his pass to Liguilla and making Necaxa feel pressure.

The Aguascalientes team each minute that passed felt more pressured, as they were looking for the three points to ensure their pass to the playoffs. Víctor Dávila was present again and assured the Liguilla pass to the Verdiblancos at minute 70 ‘by putting the score 3-0. The player with number seven made a triplet on the last day of Apertura 2021.

Necaxa, as much as he tried to have dangerous plays, did not succeed and León took the victory and his direct pass to Liguilla.




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