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End of season for Michael Porter Jr, injured back

by archysport

The Denver Nuggets have lost young winger Michael Porter Jr for the season. Back injured since November 6.

The galleys continue for Denver. Despite a great victory last night against Miami, sublimated by the return to form of MVP Nikola Jokic, the main information of the evening was not there.

On Twitter, the always very knowledgeable Shams Charania signaled the end of the season for one of the team’s other stars, Michael Porter Jr. Injured since November 6 after just nine games, the winger has to undergo surgery. back for the third time in his career, at just 23 years old.

While he signed a hefty $ 172 million contract over five years this summer, the franchise prefers to spare him for the future and not take risks. Already, in his last year before joining the NBA, the winger had a white season because of back problems. This is what had dropped him to fourteenth place in the 2018 Draft.

NBA: $ 172 million Denver expansion for Michael Porter Jr.z

The player had so far not given good publicity to his team. With statistics at half mast compared to last season – 9 points on average against 19 in 2021 – many observers wondered about his motivation after signing his contract. But above all, the winger refuses to be vaccinated against the Covid, which embarrasses his frankness.

With this injury, the Denver infirmary will not be emptying anytime soon. Jamal Murray, the starting point guard, is still recovering from his cruciate ligament surgery and JaMychal Green has an elbow injury. Nikola Jokic will therefore be alone to raise the bar with the Nuggets, bogged down in ninth place in the Western Conference.


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