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“Drugs too close to children” – Olbianova

by archysport

OLBIA. One of the latest episodes is so serious that it cannot go unnoticed. It happened in Nassirya Square. A direct witness tells us: “A group of children were playing when some drug dealers approached them: they wanted to rob them of the few euros they had in their pockets. Luckily they were quick to escape and took refuge, terrified, in my business ”.

At that point, when the owner of the business was told what had happened, he went out and confronted the group of drug dealers, telling them to leave the little patrons of the square alone.

“I thought it would end there – he adds -. Instead, a few days later, some of these guys, whom I see every day among the cars that come by appointment, showed up armed with baseball bats. Too bad that none of them intimidated me and I sent them away after having responded in kind “.

The regret remains, however, of attending the market that every day seems to take place under the eyes of the elderly retirees who find themselves at the entrance to the square. “If something is not done, I am afraid that the situation will get out of hand. These thugs who control the shop in Nassirya Square are too close to the children playing. I’m worried about this. Children are too fragile to be able to defend themselves ”.

Apparently the inhabitants of the Orgosoleddu district who reside around the square have already produced complaints and complaints to the police. “Policemen and Carabinieri are the first to be indignant at what is happening – he concludes -. We also witnessed raids in which some of these criminals were arrested but then, within 48 hours, they were back here dealing. It is absurd and this step does not come out. You can try with a fixed garrison as was done some time ago in via Vittorio Veneto. Evil is not cured but at least a deterrent can be created ”.

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