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The video of a dog who got on a golf cart and crashed it into the car of its owners went viral on social networks.

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The images, which were captured a few weeks ago in Winnipeg, Canada, show the moment when Titán, a 10-year-old English Mastiff got on a golf cart, yet accidentally drove it until crashing it into the truck of its owners, which was parked a few feet away.

After his brief but abrupt journey, the mischievous dog quietly withdrew from the place, as if nothing had happened.

Shortly after, when Mallory Kmet and her family returned home, they encountered disaster, and although at first they attributed what happened to an assailant or a group of vandals, when reviewing the recording of a security camera, she saw that the person responsible had been your beloved Titan, who fortunately came out of the mishap unscathed.

Mallory told local media that Titan is used to resting in the golf cart, but this time her husband had forgotten to turn it off.

These images were uploaded to the internet, where it was not long before go viral.

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