Dodgers leave door open for return of Clayton Kershaw

When the Dodgers chose not to extend a qualifying offer to Clayton Kershaw, the veteran starter was confirmed to make free agency for the first time. Nevertheless, in Los Angeles they expect the pitcher back in 2022.

In interview for The Athletic, Andrew Friedman, president of baseball operations for the Dodgers, indicated that if the three Cy Young winner wants to return to Dodger Stadium, the club will work to offer you a contract.

“We have been clear, if Kershaw wants to return, he will always have a place for what he means to the organization“Explained the executive.” We not only look back, but we think about what it can do for us next year. “

The Dodgers opted por not giving a qualifying offer to Kershaw due to multiple annoyances on the pitcher’s left elbow. Friedman added that, in the face of joint ailments, the aforementioned mechanism put pressure on the opener.

By declining to negotiate with Kershaw, the Dodgers gave the aforementioned offers to Corey Seager and Chris Taylor. If the players decline the proposal on November 17 and do not renew with Los Angeles, the club will receive compensation through the draft when the players sign with another club.

Kershaw’s options

On the other hand, The Athletic points out that for the moment there are three viable options for Kershaw.

The first is stick with the dodgers (He has played 14 years in Los Angeles); the second possibility is sign with a team from his native Texas and finally choose retirement. However, it is noted that the latter option is highly unlikely.


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