DFL managing director Christian Seifert criticizes top politics

Rand five weeks before his departure as DFL managing director, Christian Seifert criticized the external presentation of top politics in the Corona crisis. “In Germany I occasionally had the impression that the prime ministerial conferences often dealt with the headlines for the subsequent press conferences,” said the 52-year-old in an interview with the Süddeutsche Zeitung (Saturday).

“Here and there you couldn’t get rid of the feeling that professional football is also used by individuals to get into the media or to distract attention from other things,” added the official. The Prime Ministers Markus Söder (Bavaria / CSU) and Hendrik Wüst (North Rhine-Westphalia / CDU) had recently – in view of the sharply rising Corona numbers in Germany – talked about mandatory impositions for Bundesliga professionals.

Not pressing problems?

Seifert stated that of more than 1,000 German contract players, “as of mid-November” 86 were not vaccinated. “In view of the sometimes more than 70,000 new infections every day, I am now wondering whether there are more pressing problems in the country than 86 unvaccinated footballers,” said Seifert, who nevertheless appealed to footballers and society to get vaccinated. National player Joshua Kimmich, who is also unvaccinated, recently caused major debates. This week it became known that the Bayern star was infected with the corona virus.

When asked whether football professionals should send a signal with the vaccination, Seifert replied. “In my opinion, since the beginning of the corona pandemic, there has always been too much about signs and too little about the real problems and possible solutions.”




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