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DeChambeau and Koepka hate each other for real!

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They were believed to be reconciled, nay! After having hit the headlines for several months, notably by insulting each other on social networks, the two best enemies of the golf world, Brooks Koepka and Bryson DeChambeau, will face each other this Friday in the 5th edition of The Match.

Tensions seemed to have eased after their somewhat forced hug during the press conference after victory of the United States in the Ryder Cup but obviously it is not.

False pretense

This attempt at “reconciliation” orchestrated by their Ryder Cup teammates was in fact not authentic and when the organizers of The Match revealed, a week after the United States’ victory over Europe at Whistling Strait, that the two protagonists of the 5th edition of their clash would pit Koepka at DeChambeau, the feeling of most observers was logically disbelief.

And in the end it becomes clear that nothing has changed between the two players who hate each other more or less cordially. The hatchet is far from being buried as evidenced by the passing of arms between the two men by newspapers interposed 48 hours before their duel confrontation.

“I would not give much importance to this forced hug”, explained Koepka on Monday evening.

“It was completely forced”, acknowledged DeChambeau when asked about the authenticity of this hug. “The players on the team insisted that we do it, and to be honest I was surprised he accepted. … But it was clearly forced, there was no apology or anything like that from him. Until I receive an apology for what he said, nothing will change. ”

Animosity in the air, war on the ground

If you imagine that all of this is just a charade in an attempt to increase viewers’ appetite for “The Match” between two men who would hate each other just to amuse the gallery, well this is absolutely not the case.

The animosity between the two players which dates back to several years ago is not feigned!

“It’s disgusting the way the guy tried to undermine my integrity.” said the Dallas player.

Koepka’s speech is even more cash to the point that it seems unlikely that the latter will ever apologize to his rival.

“I said it 10 times, I never really liked it”, Koepka recounted. “I think we played together when he was an amateur, it was in Augusta, it’s the only time I remember playing with him”

“We don’t get along, it dates from his arrival on the circuit. Then there was the episode with my younger brother. He told him things that were meant for me instead of coming to tell me directly. Let him stop acting like a spoiled child. ”

So it’s no exaggeration to say that these two really don’t like who’s going to get the better of the other. Answer this Friday in The Mactch V!

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