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‘Crazy to hold clubs responsible, society is on fire’

by archysport

Minister Ferd Grapperhaus of Justice and Security recently threatened to deduct points for clubs that do not have the security in their stadium in order. “It is very difficult to hold clubs responsible for this,” says Vermeulen.

“Everything outside the stadium is public order. It’s a kind of burglary. Fences are forced. Those fans are not invited, but invade your house. Crazy to hold clubs responsible for that. They can’t do much about it. “

According to Vermeulen, it is not due to the legislation in the Netherlands. The Netherlands has one of the strictest football laws in Europe. “It only takes effect if someone is arrested. You then give them a stadium ban.”

Just before Studio Voetbal started, Jan de Jong, the director of the Eredivisie CV, was called in Langs de Lijn. He is saddened by the resolution of this fan violence.

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