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Cousin Lee Jae-yong’s anti-communist posts have been widely supported for consecutive days | Zheng Rongzhen | New World Group | Hate the Communist Party

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[Epoch Times November 23, 2021](Hong Kong Epoch Times reporter Wu Huanxin comprehensive report) Just on the second day of Samsung’s head Jay Rong Lee went to the United States on November 14 to discuss the location of semiconductor foundry factories, His cousin Chung Yong-jin (Chong Yong-jin) caused heated discussion over an anti-communist post.

On the 15th, Zheng Rongzhen posted a photo on his Instagram account. In the photo, he is holding a red wallet in one hand, and in the other hand a pizza packaging box with the red trademark Jackson printed on it. The other two men are wearing red hats and holding a red wallet in their hands. The post next to the photo reads: “It feels a bit like the Communist Party, I hope you don’t get me wrong. I’m just following Jackson’s pizza brand. I hate the Communist Party.” (Red is the color of the Communist Party)

On November 15th, Zheng Rongzhen (middle), the cousin of Samsung’s head Li Zayong and the actual head of the New World Group, posted a post and photo of “I hate the Communist Party” on his personal photo wall account. (Screenshot of Zheng Rongzhen’s Instagram personal page)

After the post was published, it immediately attracted a large number of replies. Most of the replies were “I also hate the Communist Party.” However, there are also a small number of people who replied to express their concern: “Please be careful, the Chinese Communist Party will hear something big,” and “China (the CCP) will be angry”. This reflects that some Koreans, especially businessmen, are afraid of offending the CCP.

Zheng Rongzhen is still well-known in South Korea. He is the vice chairman of South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Group, and his grandfather is Lee Byung-Chull, the founder of Samsung Group. He was once married to the famous Korean star Ko Hyun Jung (Ko Hyun Jung). His mother Lee Myung-hee (Lee Myung-hee) is the chairman of the Shinsegae Group and was once South Korea’s richest female. However, since Li Mingxi has withdrawn from the front line of business, Zheng Rongzhen is considered the actual head of the New World Group.

Zheng Rongzhen himself manages well and is known as a “commercial ghost.” Unlike the general chaebol who is far from the public eye, he has an approachable style. He is an active Instagram user. He promotes new products on it, uploads photos of his cooking, and he does not hesitate to share his pet dog with netizens. Reply to netizens’ messages. Recently, his number of fans has exceeded 700,000, and he has become a popular “net celebrity” that has received much attention.

Zheng Rongzhen had a painful experience in China. After entering the Chinese market in 1997, Emart, a large-scale general supermarket under the New World Group, had close to 30 branches at one time, but then it continued to lose money. In 2017, the Chinese Communist Party retaliated against South Korea’s deployment of THAAD, which led to a deterioration in the business environment and eventually withdrew from the Chinese market.

Zheng Rongzhen once said at a recruitment expo of New World Group in 2018, “I hope to learn from the miserable failure in the Chinese market and develop business in developed countries without restrictions.”

However, although Emart supermarkets have withdrawn from China, New World International, a subsidiary of New World Group, has developed in China, and most of the customers of its duty-free shops are Chinese.

After the post on the 15th caused heated discussion, the Korean media generally reported it. On the 17th, Zheng Rongzhen posted a screenshot of a news report on Instagram. The content was that his hatred of the CCP might cause New World Group to be boycotted by the CCP.

Afterwards, Zheng Rongzhen continued to post, once again clarifying his position: “I quite hate the Communist Party” and “this is how I learned when I was in elementary school, junior high school, and high school.”

He said, “A thorough anti-communist and democratic spirit, patriotism and love for the race is our way of life, and it is also the basis for realizing the ideal of a free world.”

His post quoted part of South Korea’s National Education Charter, which was the basic educational philosophy of South Korea’s Park Jeong-hee regime and was compulsory for elementary schools in the 1970s and 1980s.

On the 18th, Zheng Rongzhen uploaded another photo of himself holding a baseball glove and wearing a celebrity sweatshirt on Instagram, and wrote next to him: “I hate the Communist Party” and “I will never retreat.”

On the 19th, he uploaded another screenshot of a news report worrying that communist-related remarks would harm the interests of shareholders and arouse consumer disgust. At the same time, he posted a post that indirectly expressed the meaning of “I still hate the Communist Party anyway.”

The vast majority of Zheng Rongzhen’s anti-Communist remarks for several days were praise and support: “Chinese people don’t buy, we buy”, “It’s normal to hate the Communist Party”, and “Never retreat, it’s so handsome!”

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