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Coupe de France – 8th round: TFC vs TFC or when Adel receives Tom

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Toulouse FC moves to Trélissac FC (N2), Sunday at 13:45; apart from the acronym, the two clubs have a lot of affinities. The N ° 10 Trélissacois, Adel Lembezat, made his ranges in Toulouse where he rubbed shoulders with Tom Rapnouil, who evolved in young people… in the team dordognote. One two.

“The technical touch is their little player in the midfield.” Patrice Maurel and his USC met Trélissac-Antonne three weeks ago. In Dordogne. The Columérins brought back a goalless draw, Adel Lembezat was aligned in leader of 4-2-3-1 concocted by Pavle Vostanic – former coach him of Tarbes. Already, elective affinities …

Professional trainee at Téfécé until 2018 from Pau [où son frère de 20 ans, Yannis, fait partie du groupe L2, décidément], Lembezat (1m79-67kg; 1 goal and 2 assists in 3 rounds of the Cup) is “a 1998” as they say. At the Technical Center on Île du Ramier, his reference is called Kelvin Amian. “He is the same year as me; at the beginning he was with us but very quickly he went on the front page of Pascal Dupraz, then we never saw him again. It is clear that he was above! “

Adel Lembezat, in his violet era.

Sanna connected Lembezat

Adel’s friend is Derick Osei Yaw, professional background: “We kept in touch.” Otherwise, he especially remembers Sam Sanna (1999): “We still rubbed shoulders for four years for four years. I admit, we had a little room on the networks during the week. He let me go: “See you this weekend…” Then, yes, there is Tom. Well, he’s younger since we’re two years apart (Rapnouil was born in 2001). So we weren’t from the same promo. But I will be happy to say hello to him. “

“Our crossed paths is funny, isn’t it?” adds the person concerned. Aged 20, Rapnouil (1m86-69kg; 23min when entering the running at Libourne) who initialed a first professional lease last summer at Tef, conversely used his teenage crampons in Trélissac, from U11 to U15 . “I was born in Poissy before moving to Angoulême then Trélissac. I am the false brother, almost, of the family. At home, apart from my father, all of them ran at different levels. I was content to cross UNSS in college, my thing has always been football. “

Tom Rapnouil, ex-Dordognot.

Tom Rapnouil, ex-Dordognot.

Rapnouil, athlete by birth

Papa, well, did not run; he would rather have flown… For athletics specialists, we will remember that the 4x400m relay, silver medalist at the 1994 European Championships in Helsinki with, among others, Stéphane Diagana, included a certain Jean-Louis Rapnouil.
“He will be in the stands on Sunday, like my mother and most of the family and loved ones, saliva ahead Tom, mid or left side. I hope I can show what I’m worth. Even with the right foot.”

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