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Costa Rica will debut in nine disciplines this Friday at the Junior Pan American Games in Cali

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Costa Rica will debut in a big way this Friday at the first Cali 2021 Junior Pan American Games with the participation of nine disciplines.

According to the National Olympic Committee (CON), the first sport that will see action is judo with Melanie Esquivel who will face Kiara Arango from Peru. In the 48 kilogram category, Amaya Pérez will face the Mexican Kassandra Espinoza.

Prior to the debut of the first Costa Rican athletes, the inauguration will be held this Thursday at the Pascual Guerrero Olympic Stadium starting at 6 pm

The other disciplines that will see action are swimming, gymnastics, badminton, judo, taekwondo, BMX, triathlon, archery and weightlifting.

The Cali 2021 Pan American Youth Games will be held from November 25 to December 5 and will bring together more than 3,800 athletes from 41 countries across the continent and will compete in 39 sports disciplines.

All gold medalists will get a direct ticket to the Santiago 2023 Pan American Games.

The flag bearers of Costa Rica for these jousts will be Neshy Lindo from taekwondo and Julio Pérez from swimming.

The action of the Ticos for this Friday is the following:


9 a. m, a 12 m. d. y 6 p. m. a 8 p. m.

Athletes: Juan José Bolaños (400 meters free); Daniela Alfaro (200 meters butterfly).

Venue: Hernando Botero Pool


4 p. m. a 7 p. m.

Athletes: Luis Zamora, Ariel Villalobos, Andrés Girón and Andrés Villegas

Venue: El Pueblo Coliseum

Women’s badminton

9:30 a. m. a 10 a. m.

Athlete: Ana Laura Martínez

Venue: Valle del Pacífico Events Center

Men’s badminton

4:00 p. m. a 4:30 p. m.

Athlete: Johan Jiménez

Venue: Valle del Pacífico Events Center


8 a. m. a 5 p. m.

Athletes: Melanie Esquivel, Amaya Pérez

Sit down: Jamundi


9 a. m. a 6 p. m.

Athletes: Neshy Lee Lindo, Kalep Méndez, María José Calderón

Venue: Miguel Calero Hockey Coliseum


10 a. m. a 12 m. d.

Atletas: Carmaicol Soto and Alexa Cháves

Headquarters: Buga


9 a. m. a 10 a. m.

Athlete: Álvaro Campos

Headquarters: Calima


9 am to 5 pm (To be confirmed according to congress)

Athletes: Paula Morales, Carlos Rodríguez and Ian Horsburgh

Headquarters: Palmira


4 p. m. a 6 p. m.

Athlete: Andrés Peralta

Venue: Multifunctional White Coliseum

The athletes who will be representing the country are the following:

Name Discipline

Juan Diego Castro Villalobos Athletics

Juan Manuel Calderón Zúñiga Athletics

Dylan Suarez Diaz Athletics

Noelia Vargas Mena Athletics

Deisheline Mayers Scott Athletics

Rasheed Miller Athletics

Paulo de Jesús Gómez Athletics

Brandon Barrantes Athletics

Ana Martinez Vega Badminton

Johan Jimenez Dittel Badminton

Jonaykel Rabbit Barrientos Bowling

Mateo Gordienko Johanning Bowling

Fabiola Sandoval Atan Bowling

Ericka Quesada Gomis Bowling

Abigail Recio Carvajal Cycling Track

Alexa Chaves Gonzalez BMX cycling

Karmaikol Soto Sánchez BMX cycling

Glenda Daniela Madriz Saenz MTB cycling

Isabella Gómez Menéses MTB cycling

Jose Pablo Solano Murillo MTB cycling

Sebastian Brenes Mata MTB cycling

Dixiana Quesada Paniagua Cycling Route

Monica Montero Castro Cycling Route

Sharon Ramirez Moya Cycling Route

Angie Bogantes Ruiz Cycling Route

Gabriel Rojas Campos Cycling Route

John Jimenez Retana Cycling Route

Karina Dyner Villa Fencing

Daniel Ojeda Buitrago Fencing

Andrés Girón Álvarez Artistic gymnastics

Andres Villegas Robles Artistic gymnastics

Ariel Villalobos Mendoza Artistic gymnastics

Luis Zamora Solano Artistic gymnastics

Anelena Rodríguez Johanning Artistic gymnastics

Mariana Ureña Jiménez Artistic gymnastics

Marina Guevara Cornejo Artistic gymnastics

Rachel Rodriguez Miranda Artistic gymnastics

Andrés Peralta Rojas Weightlifting

Melany Esquivel Jara Judo

Amaya Perez Solano Judo

Reiner Palma Mora Karate

Andrea Maroto Alfaro Nat. Artistic

Raquel Bogantes Zúñiga Nat. Artistic

Beatriz Padrón Salazar Swimming

Daniela Alfaro Saldaña Swimming

Alondra Ortiz Roman Swimming

Juan Bolaños Céspedes Swimming

Julio Pérez Alemañy Swimming

Maripaz Herrera Coto Skating

Sebastian Cordero Castillo Skating

Valery Ramirez Delgado Skating

Gloriana Sánchez Arguedas Rhythmic gymnastics

Nishy Lindo Alvarez placeholder image Taekwondo

Maria Calderón Yzaguirre Taekwondo

Kalep Mendez Perez Taekwondo

Daniel Araya Aguilar Table tennis

Alfredo Sánchez Retana Table tennis

Nicole Granados Mora Table tennis

Sharon Diaz Arroyo Table tennis

Brandon Gonzalez Vargas Archery

Carlos Rodriguez Gutierrez Archery

Judith Hernandez Blanco Archery

Álvaro Campos Solano triathlon

Angel Williams Paniagua Volleyball

Ximena Núñez Muñoz Volleyball

Criforth Fallas Lobo Volleyball

Daniel Dyner Villa Volleyball

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